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  1. Hello everybody Well, the process of building the Victory goes on only very, very slowly - too many other things that caught my interest in the last few months. However, I did work a little bit on the ship too. I completed the row of buckets and added the handles. And then I restarted the work on the galion rails. The first version was already finished when I noted that the shape is wrong. I removed everything and tried again - the result was not what I liked so now that's the 3rd version that is attached to the ship. It's not yet finished but the main shape is ok and a basis for furth
  2. Hi Anja The meeting in Radolfszell war great – a lot of fellow modellers, beautiful models, good food, good talk – what do you want more…. And the meeting had some consequences, since next year the organizers would like to have airplanes as main exhibition models. Usually most people build ships (navy, WWI to WWII). So my Fluite and my biplane were the nearly the only “special” items. And, well, the card virus infected me even more and I started to build some other planes….. If you are interested in the biplanes, you will find them at the end of my present Victory log and more of t
  3. Hello everybody Well, in the last months I didn’t feel like working on the Victory. It started when I noticed that I have to re-do the whole galion because the rails looked wrong. And, as some of you know, in the meantime I got strongly infected with the card-modelling virus…. In the recent weeks/months I was usually working on a model of the “Revenge” (1577), the beautiful Elizabethian galleon with was for some time the flagship of Sir F. Drake, who was my hero when I was about 10 years old. When not building the Revenge I was busy with model planes (card) from WWI. And just to l
  4. Hi Kevin Thanks for asking - I am very fine, was just busy with my other ship "Schwarzer Rabe", the card model (also in this forum). In mid May there is a meeting of card modellers and I will attend and show some models too. So I wanted the standing rigg of Rabe to be finished and in between knotting ratlines I build a WWI biplane, the Albatros B.I Attaches a pic of the fluite and some of the plane... Cheers Rosmarie
  5. Hi Anja Thans for asking - I am very fine, was just busy with other models.... Hello everybody The next step was the work on the main top mast. First I assembled the backstay which, as the fore back stay went down to a ring just behind the channel. The main topmast stay goes down to a ring at the foot of the fore mast. A challenge was the tackle which had to go in between of the two ropes of the main stay – a little bit tricky, to bring the blocks down. Next were the shrouds on the topmasts – same as with the other shrouds, so nothing special. Now I could start with setting
  6. Hi Shipyard Sid Was a little bit ill the last days - flue - so didn't do anything in my workshop. Now it's better but I am still waiting for some wood which I need for the rails of the galion. As to the channels, I did not do anything with them so I have no idea wheather they fit or not - sorry. Cheers, Rosmarie
  7. Hi Anja Thanks for your kind comment! I use the rope which comes from Caldercraft - while building Victory's cannons I couldn't find the rope from the kit and ordered all new - now I have plenty of it and can use it for paper models. Hki Buck Thanks for your kind comment. Usually you have to cut nearly all parts. This model, however, comes with lasercut frame parts and you can buy an additional set with lasercut details (I highly recommend it!) which spare you a lot of difficult work. And there is an addition set for masts which includes the wood and lasercut parts of masts, also highly
  8. Hi Augie Well, I started building Victory without this great tool - found it while studying Gil's log. Then search around here, then in the internet and finally had to order them from the USA!!! And there are other great tools - mostly ordered after seeing them in this forum and nearly all of them bought from the USA. So: What would I do without internet??? Cheers, Rosmarie
  9. In the last days I worked on the shrouds. Not a very difficult thing in general, however quite a challenge to have all tackles of the same length, all deadeyes in a parallel line to the channels. While the deadeyes on the shrouds are now fixed with CA, the tackles are just knotted and not yet fixed with glue. I will do this only when all parts of the standing rig is read and when I can adjust the tensions. As next I worked on the fore mast and hanged the shrouds of the topmast then assembled the backstays. At last (for today) I did the fore mast stay with its special tackle to the sprit.
  10. Hi Mobbsie You see, I am trying to re-write history: Nelson's Victory with aircraft support.... Cheers, Rosmarie
  11. It seems as there will be another great build log - your deck looks brilliant! Cheers, Rosmarie
  12. Hi Caroline A wunderful build! I love your planking - it looks really great. And the captin's cabin is brilliant. Congratulation! Cheers, Rosmarie
  13. Thanks to you for your kind comments. For me too, when I see pictures of some of the paper models it's still hard to believe that's "only" paper - the new productions by Shipyard are reallly very realistic ones and it's real pleasure building them. Well, not as much pleasure as wood builts, but a nice alternation... Cheers and happy modeling Rosmarie
  14. Hi Sjors Thanks for looking by... and no problem with being "rude"... I guess Augie can take it.... Cheers, Rosmarie
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