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  1. Hi guys. Glad you like it . But going back to the longboat, this is what OcCre writes me back: So, I know my English is not perfect, but the way they are writing is make me confused . I just don't understand the fraze: I need some advice more dudeen not contact OcCre" - any of you guys now what that mean? But at least they will try to fix it in next kits .
  2. Hi all. Here is my progress with the canons . I think its quite unusual but it fits my expectations. Was thinking how I can make the canons black without using paint. Then I remembered that as a kinds we use to make thinks black (sticks, metal arts) in an open flame. Because I cannot make campfire in home I used candle. Problem is that the black cote is not permanent and as soon as you touch it it going off. So the solution was a wax from the candle. After that the coating is quite hard enough for it . I decided to leave the wax to cool down it self, because you can get and nice and natural lo
  3. Hi Pawel. I`m trying to do my best with the ship . Unfortunetly I will not work at here this weekend because I`m having beta test od The Elder Scrolls Online-it`s a game i`m waiting now for... 10 years and finally they decided to realise it . So I will wait with build after the weekend . \ For the long boat i think I will do it my own ones, just like I did with the board for Corsair.
  4. Welcome all. Well here is some more pictures of my progress. I`m slowly adding more and more details . Also have a problem with a boat for my ship. The boards (railings) are precut from the plywood and they don't fitt to each other.... Think I will write to OcCre about that :/.
  5. Hi David. I just read your post and seen that you have a problem with gaps. There is an easy solution (thanks to Sjors again ). Put to the gap an glue (normal glue for wood) and than sand over it (the glue must be fresh still). What you will get is that the dust will stay on glue so the gap will not be visible anymore. I did it for my self and it works perfect . Only think is that be careful to not overdose glue and try to keep the wooden planks clean from it. The reason is that glue will sink to the wood and by putting varnish on planks you will see little difference in the structure so be ca
  6. Hi David. I sanded the hull (second layer) by hand. its saver and more accurate . I use a Dremel for a small work (like shaping small parts of wood before placing at correct place) etc I found it really useful .
  7. Hi Pawel.It`s nice that you like it . About the cannons i`m not sure. They are already "painted" by OcCre, some kind of "old" golden kolor i think, will post the picture when i`m back from work . What`s the name of the blackening substance? It will be easier to find it (and maybe I can buy it in Holland) and also you have tried so i`m sure its good. About the tips, you are welcome and also dont hesitate to ask for more .
  8. Witam! Well you are doing awesome job here . She looks nice with those "old" look . And the work with the ropes and sails-damn.... I`m doing my first build and its all before me . Keep a good job, will love to follow further (think i take this popcorn my wife did for me ).
  9. Hi Jack. Hope you dont mind if i took the chair (and popcorn) and look over your build ? Its very intresting build (way different then the other vassels we mostly building here), its only few of those Viking ships on the forum if you will compere to the amount of the 17-18 century ships. Its nice to see you here and hope i can learn something from you .
  10. Welcome all. @mobbsie Thank you for your post. Especially after you edited your post i get the point what you meant . @David I also kind like the dubbel cathead they look "strong-massive" But unfortunately i choose option 'B'. The reason is that I looked further in instructions (pictures) and later i need to add just in front a forecastle deck some kind of pillar (forget the name already), so i check the dimensions of this piece and its 20mm high, where my deck was only 10mm above the main deck. (so David it can be useful for you later ) Now everything looks like it should. Plus
  11. Well Sjors, now I`m definitely need to visit you . And by that i mean you need to teach me how to do those ratlines (especially that in a month I`m planning to be at a stage of doing ratlines for my build). Wish you good luck and keep that tempo .
  12. Hi Richard. Well i`m following your log and only from those pictures you posted since now I just cannot get wait to see it fully completed . Wish you good luck and a LOT of patience.
  13. Yes. I glued the forecastle too low. On the pictures its not saying clear enough how high or where to place it and here are the results. So first I will try to dry fit the deck higher and if its now gonna be good for me I still can put the deck back and put something under the catheads.
  14. Hi Sjors. Thanks for measurement this will help. About the height i know that they need to be leveled with the railings but also it need to touch the forecastle deck. So the conclusion is that my deck is too low about 4-5 mm. So I think the best option is to put it higher.... Bit afraid that will give me much of extra work. Will see today...
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