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  1. Hello, I will be observing your progress. I have the same model waiting to be built... Have fun Paweł
  2. Hello, thanks for sharing the hint&tip with the flag. I will use it in my Pandora (in 2 years time ). Greetings, Paweł
  3. Hi ,a quick report. I have managed to finish the captain's office and the fore deck. It takes a lot of time but the results do not seem to be so obnoxious, I hope...
  4. You have inspired me with these LED lights I'm going to apply them in my HMS Pandora. Your model is going to be lovely. Good job Regards, Paweł
  5. With planking like this you won't need the second layer and you save time - lots of time Beautiful. Regards, Paweł
  6. Very nice model The rivets look perfect. The colour is also outstanding. Are you going to modify the shields attached to the kit? Regards, Paweł
  7. I started with the keel. I had to make it straight. Now everything's fine. I must say that the parts (most of them) fit nicely (apart from the bow's reinforcements). I want to add some LEDS in the stern's part. Any ideas what would be the best solution? I will ask today in my local shop but any cooments are still welcome
  8. Hi Matti, It's goood if you may compare your model t the existing one Wonderful work on the deadeyes. I'm observing your progress and day by day Vasa is becoming more beautiful. Cheers, Paweł
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