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I've been using Weldbond for a lot of applications, but as a woodworker I know PVA glues are the best for wood to wood joints.  Weldbond has an initial fast tack, which I like.  I've heard a number of negatives about it, though.  TiteBond makes a glue called No-Run No-Drip, which used to be called" Molding and Trim"  glue.  It is a PVA that has an initial fast tack.  Anyone with experience or comments on this glue for model ship building?



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HI Dave,

I did not like it at all. I apply glue from a syringe device and I could not fill the reservoir easily with the stuff. To get the no run no drip viscometrics of No-run No drip you would have to have some kind of additive. Don't get me wrong, Titebond has an excellent product line. I would just use one of their conventional flow PVAs if it were me. Surprised about your comments about Weldbond. Isn't it a PVA too?


Jaxboat B)

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Weldbond - The manufacturer - Frank T. Ross & Sons - is bit coy in how they write the product literature but they do state that it is P.V.Ac - which is polyvinyl acetate - PVA

It should be essentially the same as other PVA wood glues.


The way my brain stores and recalls info -  Weldbond also brings up Weldwood - the contact cement - which is not so good for our uses.

I built and use the thickness sander in NRG Ship Modeler's Shop Notes Vol. 1.  The platen is made from turned Rock Maple sized to fit a sheet of sand paper.  It has been difficult to find way to attach - reversibly - the sanding medium.  The way I do it now - use cloth backed medium - attach with Weldwood.  I have found that paint thinner solution Naphtha  works to unstick the medium. It does not dissolve it.  It makes it unsticky and produces removable curd-like lumps. 

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I will look to see what is available.

There were several less than successful experiments trying to find something that worked and could be removed without too much (unacceptable) effort. 

The shear forces on the paper can be high.  Regular paper backed medium does not last all that long.

WoodCraft has a cloth backed medium from Germany that lasts.  It comes as a roll and is 4 inches wide. Now I have 3 different grits on the 11 inch long platen. It even stands up to being cleaned using a gummy rubber cleaning stick.

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I bought a bottle of this Titebond glue based on the "Fast Inicial Tack" premise. I have used it some, but I can't really tell if there is a difference compared to others glues. I am also under the impression that is not as strong as the regular Titebond wood glue or the new (for me) Elmer's wood "stronger" formula, which I am presently using with very satisfactory results.

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