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Do I need to use measurements, drop planks, etc when building a model with a double planked hull


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I'm building the Scotland from Corel. Since it is double planked, I am wondering if I should do the first layer using accurately (take measurements, use drop planks etc) as shown on the guide on the site. Is it necessary to do this? 


Even if it isn't necessary, I want to have a nice look on the second layer. Should I use these techniques for the second layer, or will it also not be necessary there since they are shorter planks? How do I avoid making the planks on the hull look too curvy (like a really happy smiley face).

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There's several schools of thought on this...


1) Do the first planking anyway you can and then coat with filler and get a smooth surface.  Do the second layer following the planking guide(s).  There's several but each has it's own way of getting the desired result.


2) Do the first planking following the guide for practice.. then do the second one for real following the guide.


3)  Do the first planking following the guide.  Do a great job you're happy with and paint/stain/finish it.  No second planking.


4) Until I learned better... plank it anyway you can and hope for the best...  (ok... this isn't the real way but before there was the internet, it was pretty much this way). :D

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You probably wouldn't be asking if you have had a lot of experience with hull planking so I would suggest you use the suggested conventions for both.  Nothing like doing it to realize where you need to concentrate your efforts.  Remember, the second planking is the one everyone will see.

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Practice makes perfect. Yes that's right. The more you do the better it will be. And that's exactly what you should be doing. Why waste the first planking to just a slap dash type of planking job?


If you ask the question ,then you need to practice even more. Be honest with yourself. No mater how many times you have done it,you always improve in other ways.

Just look at your last work,then list the things that could be better. Then you have those to improve on,and your first question is the answer-the first planking should be as good as the second planking.


That first planking is for you and God. The second is for the rest of us to see.


Enjoy the planking as a quest of perfection that will never be achieved. But after time and practice it will be close.



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I would do the first layer correctly for the experience but also, the better you make the first layer then the easier will be the second. If you bodge it then use lots of filler and then sand how will you ensure both sides are the same and you may end up sanding all the way through in places. The less filler the better I would say.

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