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Hunter 1797 by riksgewijs - Mamoli - 1:72 scale

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As promised, a little part of the proces. I don't place lots and lots pictures, but a few. If you have any questions, don't be shy.


The box and sorry, i don't have a picture opening the box.
What I can say, the inside is well organised. And looks nice. And I think its a shame there are so many iron parts. Such as the canon horses, portholes and so on. The metal part quality is very poor with lots of flash and miscastings. I should be ashamed when I had to sell this.
After building the frame and planked the hull for the first time, i desided to set on a false keel. I think it looks better this way. The canon holes had wooden frames and i didn't use the metal parts. Painted the inside red. I will plank a second layer fineer. The fineer will cut of straight over de red paint. This makes everything nice and tight.


Second layer fineer. It's coming just fine now.



All fineer is done. Now waiting for the paint.


Painting is in traditional English colours. Oker yellow, and black. Inner railing and gunports ox red. Think it's a bit better looking than the looks of clear wood. These ships where always painted. It's not the craftmans ship what I can show with this kit build ship.

Painting the iron stern decorations. This was shiny gold painted by fabric. I didn't like the way i looks. And painted Hunter with the date on the banner. I did paint lots of army figures from warhammer. I think it shows.


Mounting the rudder, I didn't use the wooden rudder made by fabric because it's a plywood peace. When its laquered, the plywood wil show.
Remaking the deck parts. The factory made a few blocks. They hasn't any details en glued on windows. It's ugly and I choose to make new ones. The pump was made out of metal, I worked by and cleaned it. And painted it.
And the canons. I made new canon stands, (horses) made out of wood instead of mis casted metal parts. Drilled the canons out and cleaned them from flash and bronze plating. Painted them black. Think its better this way.







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The point I am now.


Mounting the canons. I made full rigging, but get a problem. you can see on the picture it doesn't fit. The block and rope to take the slide backwards. This wont fit in the way it suppose to be.


Problem here is scale and plans that doesn't correspondent. Therefore I will let this peace of the rigging go. And look for training ropes, and rope to the railing. Its something and better than nothing. Amati has nothing at all. Just clued the guns on deck.



Hope you enjoy my topic here. And if you have any tips. Please tell me.



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Great detail on the painting. And some fine craftsmanship as well.

I have been looking at getting this model as well, but from what you have said, I think it may be easier to find some plans and just scratch build her, or at least all the deck furniture. 

Looks like an interesting project. I will certainly pull up a chair and follow along.

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Nice work Rik, I have this model In my collection and I'm very fond of it.


I did tweak it a little and replaced the rather crude carronades with carriage guns and dispensed with the very poor cast decorations.


I also rigged it by reference to external sources.


Look forward to seeing progress on your build





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Hello Cwboland and Bleu Ensign,


Thanks, It's a nice kit. But the ornaments are very poor. And if you have a little experience. I think it's beter to buy wood and work from a plan. There is a lot scratch build anyway. This is a very nice vessel to work on.


And all the rest, many thanks for the likes.


@Bleu Ensign, do you have a topic about your Hunter? I love to see it.


I have got an dutch blog, and there is a page on this build also. so If youre interested, take a look, hit the translation button and off course, many pictures.



you can find it, http://www.riksgewijs.nl/modelbouw/scheepsverslagen/hunter


I don't mean this as an commercial, but only to show the building proces you have missed.

Edited by riksgewijs
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Hello Rik, unfortunately my build of this kit long pre-dated either MSW or the internet, so there is no build log for her.


I do have photographs and this one should give you some idea of her.




I planked her with boxwood strip, and the rigging was done by reference to The Naval Cutter Alert 1777 by Peter Goodwin (in the Anatomy of the ship series of books.)





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Thanks for al the likes and follows.



Thanks for your picture. She is a real beauty. Love it.

New update, just added the cannons. Still a lot of word for only 12 canons. But hey.... It looks as it should.


Hoping to get a bigger update soon, but making al those nuts, is very time consuming. For now, busy with the training tackels. :)


Edited by riksgewijs
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Finally a new update.


All the canons have the ropes and are in position.


The mast ring has made out of wood. I cut a 1X1 mm in little bits, and glued them together in a circle. After the glue dried I filed it round. Think the picture say more than I can write about it.


Al the dek parts where already made and fixed on place now. Think its quite ok for what this kit provides. I did make a lot new parts just because its better than metal parts.


Now busy with the schrouds and dead eyes. Almost ready for the rigging. :) I like this always allot because it gives birth of the ship. :)


@ Elija, Sorry I forgot the ruler. But the ship is 28 cm long. Or 11.023 Inch. I think its a nice size.










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Finaly, a small update.

Now the canons where build and set, I got busy on the deadeyes. In the kit I found metall parts made out lead. I didn't use those and made new ones from brass wire and tin. Than drilled a small hole and painted te metal black. I don't have any chemicals to blacken brass.


First foto, the dead eyes mounted. I didn't mount the nails yet because I need to see where I must place them. So I have to place the mast first to line out the shrouds.


Second foto, just an overal view. Just letting you know its coming along.




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