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I have most of the tools mentioned. However, I'll be cutting planks for the deck - not a single long one per strake but "20 footers" . That's a lot of cutting. I was hoping to avoid having to cut each one individually.


Thinking back, my question may have been more of a gripe. It was taking 20-30 seconds to hand cut a plank.  I'll probably give the power miter saw a spin. My impatience showing through :angry:

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I'll probably give the power miter saw a spin. My impatience showing through :angry:


Mike if you do use a power tool make sure that the blade has very fine teeth or you might find that the wood will splinter. 1/16x 3/32 is pretty small, so also make sure that you have zero clearance on the support surfaces.



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Michael - both good suggestions. I have a Proxxon chop/miter saw that came with a 24T blade. When I was cutting 6 sticks at a time it did pretty well. Now I am having to shape each stick so I am cutting just one at a time. I have had a few where the end got buggered up a bit. I have ordered the 230T blade but did not think about the support. The sticks are in a clamp and the blade comes down about 1/2" from that. But the area under the blade is concave so there is no support for about 2" until the sticks reach the edge of the recession. Something under those sticks would be helpful. Just not sure what would fit well.

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That may have been the trick. I pieced together a few scraps until the height matched the saw platform and  glued them together. I'm still using the 24T blade but the cut was a lot cleaner.


Thinking about it, that was probably a bigger problem than the blade. If the sticks are flexing (not still) that would explain a lot.  The 230T blade arrives Weds. Should get even better.


Thanks everyone!

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