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Mantua Mississippi Riverboat


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I am still very much interested if anyone has built this kit. I have just ordered it, and will do a forum on it when it arrives. I guess I am a little hung up on steam paddle wheelers. I built the Chaperon (MSW), and the Portland (Bluejacket), so this one is next on the list. So when I get the kit follow along.  

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Well I got the kit last night. UPS came at 8:00PM. I had ordered it from Model Ship Building College in Australia. (it was little lower cost) According to the internet tracking it made 27 transfer on it's way here. 



I am not going to unpack it any further than that. I'll do it as I need the parts


I do not intend to finish it like the pictures in the box. I am going to paint the hull flat white, and tone down the finish everywhere. 


Also I intend to put lights in it like the model of the "Portland" that I just finished. 


So follow along and see how it turns out.


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Well here is the first step.





The kit is roughly 9" wide and 40" long. A quick look at the parts trouble me a little in that some of the parts look out of scale. For example the paddle wheel is 7" in dia. That scales to 28 feet. I would think it should be around 16 to 18 feet. The cabin height also looks a little tall. I am not sure what realistically they should be. I'll take any input.

After I get the hull planked I'll mock it up and see how it works out. 

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Chborgm, if you're starting a build log, may I kindly suggest doing it with a separate thread in the Scratchbuild Log section:




Once there, check the red-highlighted link for guidance on the proper way to title your log. MSW has been trying to standardize the way people present build logs, and you'll make the moderators' jobs easier by following the guidelines. 


I'll happily follow this build, as I don't know much about steamboat kits.

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I will be more than happy to conform since I use this site a lot, and have been frustrated at times when I have searched for an item.


The kit is by Mantua, but not of a "Named" boat. So I guess it would be correct to title it as:--


 Mississippi Riverboat by chborgm – Mantua – Scale 1:50


How do I change it?



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It's not just the title, the log itself needs to be in the proper area (this thread is under news and reviews). You could either start a new thread within Kit Logs, just copying over the content of post #8 to start it out, or a moderator could move the whole thread over and rename it. Just starting a new one would seem easier to me.

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