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HMS Victory by waspy - Constructo - First time modelling with wood

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So, Christmas has been and the family has been gone long enough for me to examine my Victory. I've known it was coming for a while, so I've spent the last 2 months studying all I can from build logs here and all sorts of other places.


I've made several plastic kits of sailing ships in the last few years, but nothing on a level of detail like this, and I've never modelled with wood at all - thankfully most of my Christmas wish list of tools has been filled by my wonderful kids! :D


Having never seen any other wooden kits for comparison, I don't know how this one compares with others, but my initial impression is "WOW" at the amount and quality of the materials, instructions and plans!


I know the "pack-shots" have been done before, but I aim for this log to be complete as possible.


I know I'll have tons of questions as I go along, but from what I've seen of you wonderful people here, there'll be no shortage of helpful answers to all I can think of.


I know this kit is kind of large and advanced for someone with know experience with wooden ships, but I have always loved the Victory, and only live 20 miles along the coast so am well placed for plenty of visits to Portsmouth as I go to give me the incentive to get it right!


At the moment I intend to leave it unpainted and build it pretty much like the box as I love the look of the different colour woods, but that might change if my planking isn't as pretty as I hope.


More family engagements tomorrow but thats followed by another week off work, so I hope to make a little progress before work kicks off again in the new year.


Regards to all,


Waspy :)post-22178-0-48039800-1451081832_thumb.jpg


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Great Christmas gift Waspy. I'm excited to see another Victory builder on here. Best of luck with it.



PS, what scale is it?

Hi Ian.


it's 1:94 scale


I meant to put that in the title, but can't seem to edit the title now....

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so, with the grandkids exhausted and despatched off home earlier than expected, I cracked on with some ship-building...


made myself a stand/vice to keep the the keel as straight as possible and with the aid of some lego bricks, glued and squared the bulkheads to the false keel.


most of the bulkheads were a bit loose, so I used some .5 mm fillets to fill any gaps in the slots.


next......to experiment with the planking on the lower decks (that will never be seen) to try and work out the best way to replicate the caulking.....





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that was always going to be my first method - and it seems to be working great - except I found a 2B pencil worked better. HB was fine for the treenails.


QUESTION: what is the best varnish/finish for the decking ?

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lower and middle decks planked and installed



I simulated the tree nails in the lowest decks, but to be honest, I think I prefer the look of the deck without them but I'll make a final decision once I've put a coat or 2 on this deck to make sure



Gotta be honest, when I opened the box and started reading all the instructions and pictures I was rather overwhelmed and wondered if I'd taken on way more than I was capable of......but with the first little hatch cover completed, I'm feeling much more confident! :D




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lower deck hatch covers, stairs and ammunition racks all installed. I used some pure button polish (thats been in my shed for best part of 20 years) which has brought the deck up just how I wanted .......but it's far too shiny on the sapele....gonna have to dull that down again


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  • 3 weeks later...

Planking finally finished!!


I always knew that planking was going to be a major challenge. There is a limit to how much reading up on the subject beforehand can teach you (at least for me) I learn by 'doing' and making mistakes.....and boy did I make a ton of mistakes.


The most important mistake was being too 'heavy-handed' while fairing the bulkheads, which as you all already know was the root cause of a lot of the other mistakes to follow.


I wasn't going to post any close-up photos of my work pre-sanding because, compared to most of the build-logs on here it's extremely rough and shoddy looking! .....but then I realised that new members coming here and just seeing perfect workmanship is actually quite intimidating and to see some photos of work done very wrong.....might make them feel a bit better about theirs ;)


the bottom 2 photos show the same planking after a very rough first sanding and the stem attached.....it will never win any awards, but I know by the time it's all sanded properly and varnished it will still be a model that I'll be proud to show my kids! and at least I know where I went wrong for next time......except that by the time I've finished this one and started another, so many years will have passed that I will probably forget most of the lessons learned :P


now onwards and upwards to the bulwarks and gallant rails.....









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Hull Looks Great,  I sanded my my Enterprise a few time until i was really happy. , Once your happy with the sanding and the hull has be vanished, It going to make them beech strips stand out and look really nice.


Keep up the good work

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bulwarks and gallant rails all fitted.



I cheated a little with the gallant rails: the plans called for some very sharp bends on some of the corners, but the mazonia didn't want to bend cleanly, so I squared them off, mitred them and then sanded the mitre to try to simulate the bend instead - certainly worked out neater than the bend did :)


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A very productive few days - amazing what can be accomplished when you have the house to yourself! :)


bow and stem reinforcements, transom, one side of the stern galleries and one side of the wales.


For some stupid reason the instructions call for blue paper behind the windows and the clear acetate to be cut into each separate window! I did away with the blue paper which looked awful, painted the back black and sandwiched a single piece of acetate between the 2 transom pieces.


going to get a bit busy at work for the next few weeks but hopefully I'll still find an hour or 2 in the evenings.


Waspy :)





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thanks challenger, I had already noticed your ideas for cutting out the gun ports and am planning to use the process :)


the constructo version only has whole cannons in the waist that I can still access, the rest of the cannon on that deck are false cannons.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Some VERY mixed results while marking and cutting out the gun ports......


I marked the centre points from the plan: no problem.


I then used a 10mm forstner drill bit to cut out the opening. On the whole that worked out really well, but it needs quite a bit of pressure on the drill so needs great care not to go through to the backboard for the false cannons as it gets through the planking.


It's then a simple matter of a sharp blade to carve the corners out to turn the circle into a square. Once the trims are in and sanded I'm really happy how they look.


The 2 huge problems I have are 1. some of the gunports line up with the bulkheads, as you can see from the picture. While I have managed to carve out some of the bulkhead, I'm not sure how I'm going to carve it out to the correct depth to fix the false cannons in those ports....


And as you can see from highlight number 4 .... the lower gun ports don't line up with the backing boards for the false cannons.....I have no idea how or why that happened - I can't see where I have deviated from the plans for that to happen - but the only solution is to have the gunports closed on the lower deck......which is very disappointing :(




If anyone has any bright ideas....do let me know


Waspy :)

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