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HM Cutter Surly (Cheerful Class) by Lami - Scale 1:30, 1807 as she was ordered by the admirality - remote controlled

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after finishing the Banterer my father and I started to search for the next ship to build. We agreed that this time it should be something mall and easily to transport.

After some research we agreed to built a cutter ordered for the Navy, the "Surly". She was the second and last cutter of the Cheerful class ordered to be armed with 10 18pdr Carronades  and 2 6pdr long guns. We were quite surprised by the heavy caliber but  plan copies we got from the National Maritime museum in Greenwich explicitly stated on the side view plan "... to be armed with 10 18 per Carronades and 2 6pdr guns ...."

we started to contract the hull again in two parts (upper and lower) to allow for easy access to the mechanics and electronicsCurrently we finished coppering the hull and are working on the deck.















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beautiful build, large model Iami,


very interesting project for remote control, Guess you`ll need about min 31/2 to 4 kg ballast to keep her stabil on windward course. Are you intending to place the ballast down low into the hull or external removeable keel ? and perhaps a second rudder with larger lateral area when remote sailing ?



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Hi Nils,

if my calculations are correct she will have an displacement of about 5 to 6 kg. My hope is to keep the weight of the hull and mechanics below 3 kg. Dependent on that we will decide if I go for ballast in the hull or if we need to go with an removable keel (points to attach an external keel are already built into the hull).

We also foresee the option to increase the area of the rudder, as this will be necessary based on our experience with the Banterer and Racehorse.

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We have now started rigging our Surly. Were we are still not sure is about the mounting of the Carronades. Research shows that Carronades up to 12pdr were normally mounted on "normal" wheel carriages. As, based on the description on the plan, Surly and Cheerful were ordered to carry 18pdr Carronades I'm wondering if for those slide mounts wouldn't be more appropriate?







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