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Tied up sails, question please


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Hi all


Is it possible to do tied up sails on any model? I was thinking that i'd like to add sails to the Supply kit towards the end of her build (in about 3 years with the rate I work) but tied up to the yard arms, is it a simple process or would I need to totally rearrange the ships rigging to accommodate this possibility.


Many thanks for any input.



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By 'tied up' I assume you mean furled? Yes, there are many modelers in this forum, along with examples of their work, who do just that. Browse through the gallery to find some models with furled sails, then find the build logs for those models to see how they did things. Try searching 'furled sails', too - you'll probably get some hits. Good luck!

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Have a look at Landlubber Mike's technique for furled sails log <link here> . He discusses the best shape of material to use to ensure the furled sail is not too bulky.


There are other logs that cover this but Mike's log is a good starting point.


It is possible that you may need extra rigging since some kits that are supplied without sails may have a simplified rigging scheme.

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An old article ( do not recall the reference) suggested Silk Span for the sail material and reduction of the depth of the sail to 1/3 the original to keep the sail volume under the yard in scale -  the bolt rope/clues/cringles still present.


I think a better way would be to experiment.  Try several degrees  of sail area reduction to find an acceptable look.   See if making the foot of the sail an arc instead of straight across gives a better looking bulk under the yard.

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