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Coats and Clark Thread for rigging

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I found it at in Mobile at a Micheal's I bought the tan and black here are the #s caooo11- C5 -S920-8530 it comes in yard spools it is called Dual Duty plus% cotton its cheap approx. $ 2.50 a spool if I remember right.


Love it cant beat the price you can waste as much as you want and don't have to scrimp -great on ratlines these were approx 40cm



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HI bigcreekdad -


I also use Coats and Clark upholstery thread for "fine" rigging.  I find it very easy to work with and prefer it to the stuff that comes in kits.  I buy black (color 2) and tan (color 543) in 150  yard spools from good ol' Walmart.  



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I use the Coats and Clark  all purpose thread, for the running rigging. For the standing rigging I choose to use Deknatel 3-0, and 4-0 surgical silk .

My current project is a 1:87 scale tern, built as a waterline model, that will spend time in the harbor on my HO scale railroad modules.

I redrew the 1/4" to the foot scale hull lines of the two mast schooner Mattie, as a 1:87 scale, 88 foot waterline length, three mast.

I was able to keep Mattie's hull shape to true proportions by setting the conversion factor of my proportional divider, using one end to take the 1:48 measure, and have the other end be correct for the tern's larger hull, in 1:87 scale.

at this point, I'm building all the ironwork, so I can get to the running rigging. Ever seen a 1:87 scale shackle and shackle pin?


Lastly, seized, or spliced eyes in the rigging: I use a fine sewing needle, worked into a short length of the rigging material. The end of that, is threaded through the eye of the needle, and the pulled up through the thread to form the eye splice, or seizing. A drop of super glue to lock the eye in place and done. No Knots !, and looks great !

This is a 1:87 scale two mast schooner, at the seaport village and museum.


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