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HMS Endeavour by Mikeymo - OcCre - Scale 1:54 - first ever wooden ship build

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Hi Guys,


This is my very first build log! As per the thread title, I'm building the HMS Endeavour, by Occre.


As I have never, ever built a model ship before, this is going to be very much a discovery process by me and hopefully I achieve a successful outcome!


My ship arrived today by courier. I have unpacked it and attaching a couple of pics here. If I am not following the rules or build log protocol, please let me know. I'm fairly new to this forum too.


Firstly, I have a set of English instructions. I noticed some folks in other threads saying that didn't receive English instructions by Occre.


Secondly...these instructions are very daunting! I am going to be doing a LOT of reading before I start this thing. Having said that, yes, the start of the build might be a couple of weeks away as I am still waiting on some tools to arrive. I have plenty of woodworking tools, but not much in the way of small tools required for this. For example, my set square and spirit level, they're quite massive and not appropriate for this ship. So I have ordered over eBay some smaller versions of certain things. Once everything has arrived then I will kick the build off! Which is good, gives me more time to do some researching.

i've tried to read as many of the rules here as possible and I understand the part about not having too much "noise" in build logs...but if it doesn't upset the mods, I'm happy for you guys to offer advice and or criticism in here. Your knowledge and experience is invaluable to me!


Never the less, this will be my build log!

Please...wish me luck...


*deep breath*

Here goes!







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Hi i am building the same ship.....

unreadable they sent the German and Italian building manuals with the kit.

i got in contact with OCcre and they send me a copy in English.

I am Dutch but i prefer the English manuals.


I hope you enjoy the building of the Endeavour as much as i.

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Welcome aboard the Endeavour Shipbuilder's Club Mike.

My best advice, that I received at the start of my build, was to see what others have done.

Search the "Build Logs for SHIP MODEL KITS" for HMB Endeavour, and go through other logs.

You'll pick up a lot of info, tips and instructions and "how too's".


Don't hesitate to contact us. Will always try to help out.



Dave R

Dave R

Measure twice, cut once.


Current Build: HMB Endeavour 1768

(In the shipyard being constructed)

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Hi Mikeymo

Welcome and good luck,

Harlequin's advice, not so much the alcohol, but taking

a break is a must when things aren't going well.

Don't rush.

Hooroo Chris

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Yeah no rush, I have been building mine for 5 years so far, but I am doing a lot of scratch building and I only work on it on the weekends when I am not doing other stuff.

I remember when I built my first wooden ship - a Corel Victory, it took me two years and I was working on it most nights

Just ask if you need some advice, just send a personal message on here, or if you post a question on your build you will usually be flooded with advice from lots of people. Great site this!

Current Build: HMB Endeavour 1:51 (Eaglemoss part work)

Previous Builds: USS Constitution (Revell plastic) HMS Victory 1:96 (Corel) HMB Endeavour 1:60 (AL)

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She looks big! Have fun with her!



Current build(s):

Continental Gunboat Philadelphia by Model Shipways



Completed build(s):

Model Shipways Phantom



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The Nautical Research Guild

N.R.M.S.S. (Nautical Research and Model Ship Society)

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Hi Mikeymo

                 I am going to be starting the same kit soon looks like it will be a good build once i change the cannons :) :) :)

Good luck with yours :)

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Edit: Oh I forgot one thing.

A warm welcome to MSW!


Thank you for the introduction of your journey with Endeavour.

I am looking forward to this build. No I am not building her. Have to many waiting anyway.

But now I am pulling up the first chair, getting a good cup of java and enjoy this.

Edited by Nirvana


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Per aka Dr. Per@Therapy for Shipaholics 

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Viking funeral: Harley almost a Harvey

Nautical Research Guild Member - 'Taint a hobby if you gotta hurry

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I have had a few books arrive! I figured it's better to research, research, research - rather than dive right in and make too may mistakes! I have been reading so much, and watching so many YouTube videos. I'm really loving this. I figured once I have built this ship, I will be well versed in ship anatomy and nautical terminology! What a fun and interesting way to learn about old, wooden ships!


I do have two questions though. I honestly didn't think I'd trip up on these....they're basically the very first step!



So I have my laser cut keel and bulkhead parts. However, the bulkheads aren't marked or numbered on the laser cut sheet. There's a picture of the hull skeleton assembled, in the instructions, but it doesn't tell me in which order they're to be attached to the keel!

So I have 9 pieces for the bulkeads. Is it just a mater of pulling them apart, lining them up and visually determining which one slots where, or is there a method to this?


Additionally, how do you guys prize these parts off the laser cut sheeting without causing any damage? It seems my x-acto knife is not an ideal tool for this. I was thinking of using a very fine saw, or a chisel.



What do you guys suggest?
Thanks in advance!

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Hi Mike

Usually there is a sheet of paper or 2 showing the laser cut

sheets and parts with numbers on them, have a look at your plans.


As for getting the parts out, yes cut the waste material with whatever is needed,

but for the timber parts try and keep usable pieces of timber,

in case you need them to make something.

Hooroo Chris

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Thanks for your response, Chris.

I've uploaded a pic of the instruction sheet where it shows the bulkheads numbered (first post up there). But there is no corresponding number on the laser cut sheeting, and they're all different sizes, albeit a relatively small difference.

Due to the picture itself being taken at an angle, it's not very clear as to which one goes where.


Perhaps once I have detach all of them from the laser cut template, and stack them next to each other, it might become clear then.

I'll see how it goes :)

Edited by Mikeymo
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Your x-acto should do it..use multiple cuts to work your way through the material, never too much pressure. Work the tool with your fingers and wrist with forearms resting on a surface. Patience and a controlled hand will serve you well ;)


Warm Regards,



Passion is Patience...and I am a carpenter in any scale.



Current build;  Endurance - 1:70 scale, Occre


Current build;    H.M.S. Surprise - 1796, 1:48 A L




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 Patience and a controlled hand will serve you well ;)


You're right, you know. Patience I have. But never before has it been tested to such a level while model building. 

I really must reinforce the "take your time" outlook for this project.


It's vastly different to ANY model I have previously constructed. Some people tell me it could take me up to two years to build. Initially that scared me, but now I kinda like the idea of something that takes that long to build. 

It'll be built with love, that's for sure.

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Hi Mike,


I also want to say "Welcome aboard". I have built the Occre Kit of the Endeavour before. It is a challenge - but it is also fun and a real good time (for me more than a year at least).

I will come by and have a look from time to time. In my signature you'll find a link to my log - if you want to take  look.


Cheerio - and a good time with your Endeavour



Next: Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde by Euro Model 1:47


Finished: Half Moon Corel;  HMY Royal Caroline Panart; HMB Endeavour Occre 1:54; Fregatte Berlin, Corel, 1:40



A life without dogs is possible... but worth to live?

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Hi guys,


Thanks for your words of encouragement!

Just taking a loo at your build log, maggs - very nice mate!


The more and more I dig through this forum, the more and more Occre Endeavours I find! Which is going to be of great assistance to me!


I'm discovering that, from almost everyone who has built an Endeavour, that they're moving a little away from the instructions and "doing their own thing" on some occasions.

I like customisation, but I also find it pretty scary considering this is my first ever ship build.


My course of action is to thoroughly read and understand the instructions and plans, then take as much advice as I can take from the build logs of completed Endeavours.

So I apologise if it seems at times that I am copying someone else's style. Please take it as a compliment :)


I think perhaps over the next few days I will be ready to get the hull skeleton going. Keel and bulkheads and such.


It's an exciting thing. I really do feel like a kid at Christmas.

One thing I haven't found yet, perhaps I haven't read through all the instructions, is a list of the paint that I'll need.


Is anyone able to point out what colours I need to buy? I guess including the lacquers, varnish and stains - if they're also used.

That would be really helpful.


Cheers guys (and gals)...

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Okay well, the first stage of work has begun, not a lot to show here as I've just started to pull off the pieces that make up the keel and then the bulkhead pieces.

I guess I just wanted to show my workspace, too.



Hi Mike,

Let know when you run out of desk space for your build.

I extended my space 3 times now, so much bits and bobs gathered for the build.

And that is not counting the shed machinery.

Dave R

Dave R

Measure twice, cut once.


Current Build: HMB Endeavour 1768

(In the shipyard being constructed)

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