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Cutter Cheerfull 1806 by Gregory49 - POB scale 1:48

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Hello all again;

   Thank you RustyJ for all your logs; I am not so much prolific, I love looking all the pictures. I started a couple weeks with Chuck's Plans, at this point I have faired the bulkheads, built the gun ports, and cut the stern frames.

   Thanks to all that post these all pictures, Hopefully I can become a master modeler. Retired, and starting a New career as a Shipbuilder...Just a Novice now, I love the challenges... Thanks all again



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Hi all;

   1; My shipyard with the Usual mess while working.

   2: I felt energetic, I painted the Gunports; and while I was waiting for the paint dry, I worked on the Companionway and skylight. I changed a few thing I have seen online, and I made some handmade hinges...later this week to start on the Planking.

   Thank you all, and Have a Great Day









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Hello all again; continuing my apprenticeship with the Cheerful.

   I milled the planks with maple, and finished the sides above the wales and the stern, I used the cherry for the wales, marked the bulkheads preparing for the lower planking. I love all the information on this forums; Real Mastership on these forums, I am glad to find this site. Everybody: have a Great day!!! 




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