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Buying Replacement Belaying Pins

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I do not want to use the brass belaying pins that came with the Niagara kit. I see wooden ones available on several retail sites being sold as something like "Wood Belaying Pins - 6mm" .  I am assuming the 6mm is length?  There doesn't appear to be any options regarding diameter and just from the site photo most of the offerings appear to be a lot thicker than the brass pins I have now.


I do realize it's probably just a generic photo, but I am wondering about the diameter. Is it just understood that you will need to sand the pins down to whatever thickness is required?

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You can always paint the brass belaying pins to appear to be wood if they are properly scaled, probably a lot easier than trying to source realistically dimensioned ones from another source, and certainly cheaper!


And definitely stronger than wood.  The thin wood ones will work but putting any stress on them is very problematical.

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I did order some but I will try painting as well. Tamiya has a Deck Tan that would probably look pretty good.


The thing I haven't figured out yet is it appears the kit supplied brass pins are 2 sizes. Both about 12mm in length but a few are quite a bit thicker. The materials list didn't differentiate so I don't know if there are really supposed to be 2 sizes or if it is just poor manufacturing tolerances.

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I'm amazed at how many poorly shaped belaying pins turn up on great models. The manufacturers can not turn out accurately proportioned wood pins in the numbers needed so they give you the best they can manage, and its always a poor sad offering- bulbous pins that look like light bulbs. HUGE cartoonlike light bulbs. I will second the notion of painting the brass pins you have as I am skeptical you will find wooden ones with a more accurate silhouette. Also I will add something I have said before: With lines on the pins, the eye can not notice much about the nature of the pins unless they are the aforementioned huge wooden bulbs. A perfectly formed wood pin will not look much different than a cylindrical treenail or peg with no curvy shape,

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