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Ryland Craze's Carving Attempts - #11 Blades

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This will be my first attempt at carving since I was a Cub Scout earning my Whittling Chip Award many years ago.  I ordered the carving blanks from the NRG and received them a couple of days after placing my order.  I am amazed at the fine details created by the laser.  I mounted my carving blank using the instructions in the Getting started....mounting your carving blanks...and removing them when finished topic.


The next step is to remove the char from the blank.



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I have been working on my carving and have attached a picture of my progress to date.  I may clean it up with some 600 grit sand paper before I release the carving from its backing.  I think it will look a lot better once I apply some wipe on poly to this.  One result of this carving is that I want to get back to working on my Longboat, which is long overdue for some attention.



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