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Lindberg Constellation

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I am currently working on a scale/RC that will pretty much set on a shelf.  You can find this build in the wood kit build threads.

But I have ordered a kit that I very much intend to put into the brink, and that is the Lindberg Constellation.

Ordered the kit from Amazon and will have this coming Wed.

I will give a full break down of the kit and post some photos when it comes.

I know this is a old re-done kit from Lindberg, but it builds into a very respectful scale vessel w/scale like operation.


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OK, I did not know if that would be cool since it is a RC, but as you see, it is a impressive to say the least scale boat of what I think is one of the most beautiful produced American vessels to ply the coastal waters of America.  I will build her as a vessel from the early 60's.




It looks big enough that you could do some amazing detailing.   Feel free to open a build log in the kit area.  I think a lot of us would like to see her being built.

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Bump? Any more?

Cody, so very sorry for not answering back, I have been away for awhile.........for your info, you will see this project start up again very soon.

I went thru a move and it has been packed away, but is now out and waiting for me to decide how I want to power this baby up.  I will say this, alot of people have asked me my thoughts on this kit as a RC model, I believe with the right set up, power and drive system, you could have a show stopper @ the local pond.  Just my 2 cents worth.  By the way, Cody are you working on anything RC Boat related.

Rick B)

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Dang! I was hoping to get some insight from this build and it just seems to have stopped. I have a NIB Marx Constellation kit retrieved from parents house (estate) so glad it survived. I had forgotten about it. I would like to know which of my Graupners would work. I have pairs of the 500 & 600 series. I'm just interested in scale speeds not warp speeds. Hope someone can help or direct me. RC universe and RC groups don't have any build logs on these.


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Scale speed is one thing but what I found with that my boats using brushless motors gives better torque and if you want it more than scale speed. You can always cruise at half throttle for scale effect but it's always nice to have a little extra muscle for when you want to play. Keep the build thread going even the smallest changes and work done can be interesting to people who follow your thread.

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Greetings Ship...


Great looking model. As you may know, the Connie was built by Chris Craft. The hulls were planked mahogany over oak frames, and the decks were teak. Typically, they were powered by Chris Craft Marine engines which were marinized auto or truck engines. Depending on year built and size of boat, you could get single or twin 6 cylinder Hercules, small block or big block Chevys, GMC diesels, Lincolns, Ford, among others. These were beautiful, well built, boats that were reasonably affordable in their day. Because they were all wood they required a lot of maintenance. I believe Chris Craft built the wooden Constellations, which were their top of the line boat, well into the 1970's. Not only did they build the double cabin jobs like yours, but sport fisherman and cabin cruisers as well. Glad to see someone is still making models of these boats.



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