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Mare Nostrum 1/35 by Steve 12345 FINISHED - Artesania Latina

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Hello all and welcome to my build log of the Mare Nostrum

I chose this kit after viewing some of the other build logs and like the look of the unpainted version however the version I have received is a 20100-N I believe this to be a 2016 kit it does not come with hardwood etc. for double planking however I am happy with the kit and after seeing image on box may decide to build painted version either way I can always add own hardwood have not decided at this point.


The kit was very well packaged and the quality seems nice I did find the bulkheads very loose fitting but can only compare this to mantua or billings kits.


so here is a few pics to kick things off thanks for viewing



























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Hi Steve, 


I'm working on the same kit and it didn't come with the hardwood for double planking as well. I found a local vendor that sells hardwood veneers that work out well for the double plank. I have struggled with my build but I think it's just me.  Everything I have read suggests that this is a great beginner model.  You can look at my build for tips on what not to do ;) .


Good luck and I plan to follow your log.  Have fun with it.



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Agree Rexy.


There is a lot of skill and wherewithal even with this.

Really interesting to get the Brass/Dowell cut to the right angle/length when it comes to the Stern Stuff, don't know what its called, but the infrastructure/Block/Tackle, required for the Nets/Trawl equipment?


For me, the hardest part for the build....


Steve, thanks for the compliment. (We all aspire to the perfect build I guess.)

(Just a question, Wots the Red Thread?)




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An "Upgrade!!" :)

Never had this on mine..... Well I Guess if you want to "Super detail."

The Engine Cover/Funnel hides this. (I built my Cover so that I could remove it but since the model is in a Glass Cabinet, it's a bit difficult to remove and view.... :)



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Would very much like to take you up on the offer of the photos harry the more the merrier warts an all as they say

I trust you have my email if not I can send it again

I'm particularly interested in the planking detail as I'm unfamiliar with a kit that adds the keel after planking


Kind regards


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Hi Chap,

Hope the following is of some use....


The way A/L seem to do things is the all Keel components are fitted after the 1st Planking,

Sand the first cover to match the width of the False Keel, make sense?


No thinner as the Keel components are a the same.


Fix the Keel components and maybe "Pin" with stuff like I did.


(Hang on, I saw a DVD Instruction Manual?? No Good? Portuguese/Spanish? :))


Anyway, once the Stem is firmly affixed "Offer up" the Bulwarks, you will need to bevel the junction of Bulwarks to fit nicely with the Stem. If you have the correct gap between Deck and planking, (2.5mm from memory), things should flow from there.... (Wot could possibly go wrong? :))


Plank the Insides of the Bulwarks, fit the Waterways and you're almost there!!


The Stern Bulwark stuff is, a real "Pain." (Think I discarded and made my own out of very thin ply, 1/32" using the original as a template.) Thin Basswood is a good alternative.


2nd, 0.5mm Walnut planking after Keel components affixed.


See what you think of the following,










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Sorry Chap,

Just had a look at your Kit Contents, seems like A/L have "Skimped" on Walnut Keel Components. (I believe they have moved manufacturing to China.... Could be wrong.)


Anyway, same doctrine applies, as above. (Just please Stain the stuff!! :))


Don't know about you, but this model looks fantastic in "Naked" Wood.

(Your Choice.)



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Hof, Steve i believe moving manufacturing to china to be true as when i got my kit i talked to the hobby shop owner who told me that the whole company had changed owners, this is also the reason for the new 2016 N version kits.


Cheers Rexy.

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Thanks rexy when mine arrived in the post I was a bit taken back with the missing hardwood that explains it


Hoff thanks for the pictures and the explanation I do very much like the unpainted version also and think it will be good practice for me to scratch build the missing components



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Hi Steve,

Keep up the good work!!

Don't know about Ireland, but it's quite difficult to source Ship Building material here.

Looks like the Bulwark Rails are part of a Laser cut Sheet? You could give them a bit of Stain perhaps?


I have bought Planks, (Various Timbers/thicknesses), and "Rip" them down.

(Stuff from "Midwest.")


Just sing out if you think I may be able to offer any assistance.



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Thanks Harry Ireland is terrible for ship parts the only model hobbies shops I know of don't stock wooden ships only plastic planes and tanks etc guess there is not enough demand to justify having shelfs full of wooden ships.

Everything I need has to come from England Cornwall modelships and such places however there is a minimum postage so I'm better making a list of multiple items to get at once .

As for timber However I'm quite lucky as my day job is ripping out timber windows and doors and replacing them so I have and endless supply of timber .also some of the old mahogany I rip out is the real stuff and not the seppily you will get sold as mahog these days

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  • 2 weeks later...

A little progress on the little ship Mare Nostrum

My main priority at the moment is HMS Bounty this build is aimed as a glue and paint drying project but is working out very enjoyable


After spending a whole evenings work I faired the bulkheads I was quite surprised to find I planked the first layer of planking just as quick in around three hours that was quiet different from spending one or two months on hull planking.


This was due to it being the first planking stage the planks where crudely  fitted with no tapering just shaping at the ends and for the first time I planked using c a glue I did however paint the edges with white pva


the second layer will take a few weeks to correctly fit


As im going with the naked wood effect so not to offend hoff as advised by him just kidding I think the unpainted version is beautiful and that is what has drawn me to this model I have and will need to make many scratch parts as my kit being a newer kit does not include hardwood.

I have made and fitted the stem piece and keel .


the bulwark was difficult to line up and achieve simatry I used small spots of ca and sort of spot wielded them on several times before I was happy .

also to get the drainage holes on the bulwark to line up with the deck took some planning on bottom of bulwark.


I think for my next step I will follow hoffs lead and fit the rubbing strake plank upward inside and out of the bulwark after this it will allow me to crack on with the further scratch build parts handrails etc .

see you back here when that's complete thanks for checking in





















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Looks pretty good Steve!   I'm facing the issue of the stern on my Krabbenkutter - I botched the 1st attempt.  Did your kit use the laminated shapes or have you adapted that approach?  Did you find the laminated shapes eased the fairing?  I'd like to try that rather than shaping a solid block.



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Hi Doug the kit included the stern filler blocks In the form of laminated shapes I have never tried filler blocks before so can't comment but found the plywood laminate approach a breeze to sand just make sure it's hobby ply as ordinary ply wood from builder supply seems lot tougher to sand

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You're doing a really neat job, Steve.  Mind if I find a corner somewhere in the back of your workshop and watch your progress?

The kit for my Mare Nostrum (the build log for which you can find here) was bought in late 2012, and even back then they weren't including any 0.6mm hardwood strips for the second-layer planking.  I resorted to buying a couple of sheets of walnut veneer, and using a sharp craft knife (and a steel ruler) to cut my own 5mm-wide planking strips from it.

Am I right in thinking you decided not to bother making the crew bunks in the cabin just forward of the engine compartment?  Or does the 2016 version of the kit not include them now?  I thought it was a delightful idea to for the kit to include detail that only the model-builder would ever see - or even know about!

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Hi probablynot the newer kit does not include the bunks I have seen your log and they look great and a fine idea if possible to put a small mirror in to show keen viewers .

A friend of the family has a Hms bounty he bought in auction and it appears very old he has often wondered what ls beneath the deck and has suggested a small morrow wouldent it be great to find something like the bunks

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello all

change of plan from my last post I was gonna plank upward from the rubbing strake then work inside ship however I decided to fit all the planking and then the rubbing strake.


As this was a single plank painted version of the kit I have had to make my own planking and hardwood pieces I down this by thicknessing some materials in my garage to 5mm then ripping down to .6mm on my little proxon tablesaw you will notice some saw marks from the little saw however these easily sanded out.


I did not taper the planks just shaped the ends of them if that makes sense I like the look of how this turned out as opposed to tapering every plank and the consistency of the taper not being even and obvious in the finish.


I planked downward from rubbing strake four planks then planked upward from the keel it left me with sort of a waterline effect.


I have not used any filler as even the smallest amount not sanded off will show in the finish


Lastly I have applied finish to the hull just to keep my fingerprints off the bare would as I continue to build





































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Thank you guys derek Doug and harry for the kind words

I have only applied a couple coats of finish at this stage I hope to apply 8-10

I leave for work in the dark and return home in the dark and very rarely see the model in daylight to show the finish and do it justice I hope to show some daylight photos some stage this week I think you might be surprised as to the finish I apply



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