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Napoleonic British Seamen set-1, Aloft 1/48., 1/64, 1/72

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This is a mini review of "Napoleonic British Seamen set-1 Aloft" from the 'Shapeways web site' that are printed in 3D.  I have no vested interest in PetrOs Modellbau,  I came across these figures on another site and wanted to try them out.


They can be found on Shapeways at: 





There is a second set that I am waiting to be printed.  They are a set of six gun crew, gunner, four handspike men, and a royal marine.  The link at the top shows them.  (This Explorer 11 is a pain in the butt.)


The Frosted Extreme Detail Plastic that is used to print these figures is very fine.  The toes and fingers show easily,  but the compound is very brittle and will break.  I've lost a few fingers and toes.  Also it is recommended that before painting that EFD parts be placed on a sunny window sill the make sure the compound is fully cured.  It is cured by UV light, an hour should do.  These figures are in 1:48 scale,  I have no experience with the smaller scales.  I used thick CA to assemble the figures.  When I have time I will prime them with acrylic primer and paint with the same.  Enamels are not to be used as they never dry with this compound.  Some simple clean-up with a #11 blade is all that is needed on the square pegs that fit into the torso.


Set-1 is of two seamen climbing the ratlines,  and four seamen on footropes working the sails.



Bob W





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