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  1. Man, that looks like hard work. I wonder how long a crew could maintain that sort of rowing effort at a stretch? Did they have two watches?
  2. This is the Schlüsselfeld model, made in 1503 (Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nürnberg, HG2146, Leihgabe der Johann Carl von Schlüsselfelder) Looks a bit similar! But yes, I think this is a decorative model.
  3. This question has been bugging me, I thought I knew most of the WW2 flying boats but this one I didn't recognise. Sikorsky? Dornier? Neither fits. After some intensive searching, I find it's a Consolidated P2Y Ranger. This is the service history from Wikipedia: The Navy ordered 23 P2Y-1s on 7 July 1931. They were serving by mid-1933 with VP-10F and VP-5F squadrons which made a number of classic long-range formation flights. At least 21 P2Y-1s were modified to P2Y-2s in 1936 and flown by VP-5F and VP-10F until 1938, when they were transferred to VP-14 and VP-15. The first P2Y-3s reached VP-7F in 1935, and this version was flown by VP-4F at Pearl Harbor and in 1939 was in operation with VP-19, VP-20, and VP-21. By the end of 1941, all the P2Y-2s and P2Y-3s had been withdrawn from operational use and were at Naval Air Station Pensacola. So not really a WW2 flying boat. Phew!
  4. Verisimilitude is such a good word, and it's not often one gets such a valid opportunity to use it.
  5. Hey, I'm not that old. 😀 I love some of those pictures, especially the one with the flock of Catalinas sitting on the water in the foreground. The stern view in the drydock is great for detail, too. I seem to recall reading an article on a scratchbuild of this ship (in its CV-1 version, with the wooden flight deck) in Ships in Scale a few years ago?
  6. The deck looks really good. Interesting that you've laid it entire - I assume you're going to cut in the hatches and other deck openings later?
  7. "Medium" refers to the fineness of the hull form, not the size. As opposed to an "extreme" clipper.
  8. It's looking really good Grant. A beautiful little model of a beautiful little barque.
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