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  1. Like Glenn, I'm a big fan of satin Wipe On Poly. The trick, as Glenn says, is to put on just enough, you don't want to form a surface layer, it should all be soaked into the wood. You then get a durable "oiled-wood" finish.
  2. Wow, that's looking really good. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the castles go onto the ends of the ship in practice
  3. That does seem like the only arrangement that would gel with the gear listed. Two separate halliard tackles seems odd, but maybe that provides the lifting power that the absent winch was supposed to provide?
  4. "Tony, I've seen your very informed comments on other people's builds, but haven't seen your own log. Am I missing something?" No, you're not missing anything Steven. I'm all talk and no action! 😀 I don't have a build under way right now, I'm running out the last few months to retirement and then I hope I'll have the headspace to do some serious model building. Although I have a lot of competing projects to deal with too - a half-written book on pearling luggers needs to be finished, for one. I do have plenty of modelling subjects lined up though. So watch this space!
  5. I've thoroughly enjoyed watching this build come together, and I am really impressed with the finished model. Add another wow to the tally.
  6. Sensationally good looking model, Chuck!
  7. Nice idea - the hull is pretty much what I imagine the Ringle would have looked like.
  8. Steven, your model building efforts provide such a fascinating and practical guided tour through the maritime archaeology of this period. I love it.
  9. The guys sitting on a suspended plank servicing the engine with the rotating prop about a metre from their heads have some very steady nerves.
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