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  1. John is right, Louie - I'm a licensed bird bander. This one (an adult male) was caught using mist nets, banded and then released. It has been re-sighted several times since, currently the longest-lived Painted Honeyeater on record.
  2. A hobby we share, John. This is the focus of much of my effort in the field, the Painted Honeyeater. I'm just about to head out into the bush this weekend to start summer season #4 of my research project on them, hopefully will encounter a few of them.
  3. Wow. Did you print the hull and deck yourself? They look really good.
  4. Strange, I've always associated that quarter-round poop with iron ships. Are you sure it's the same YOUNG AMERICA?
  5. Another possibility is to try using epoxy sealer (you can buy it at chandlers, in Australia they have brands like Everdure and Norseal). Downside, the solvents in it are fairly nasty.
  6. Not my plans, they're done by the thread originator, iMustBeCrazy. I agree they're fantastic, I wish I had those skills!
  7. Hi Gaz Can I suggest you take a look at the thread by iMustBeCrazy about the (slightly later) RN cutter Lapwing of 1816. One of LAPWING's sisters, BRAMBLE, became a survey ship in the South Pacific, and the thread has several paintings of her in that role. It looks like BRAMBLE doesn't carry guns, although she still has the gunports. They pictures might provide some inspiration? The story is halfway to the one you propose (which I really like, btw, shades of Bill Tilman explorations sailing Bristol Channel pilot cutters, many years later).
  8. Fabulous images. Detail to die for in that first one, especially. It almost looks like it has lost one of the panels of scrollwork on the cutwater of the bow. There seems to be a gap that doesn't look right.
  9. Looking good! I love Albert Strange's yacht designs. I'll follow with interest!
  10. Dumont tweezers are the bomb. The Standard tweezers, style H, are great for getting splinters out of fingers!
  11. Fascinating discussion Pat. I suspect there was no "universal practice" in those times, it probably varied quite a bit from yard to yard, region to region and even designer to designer. There was a lot of change going on in the world of shipbuilding in the mid 1800s. Anyhoo, surely it's time for an update on how the model is progressing?
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