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HMS Bounty by Grendel - Artesania Latina - Scale 1:48

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Hi All,


This will be my build log of the Bounty by Artesania Latina.


It’s my first build log and I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you.


A little about me – I’m Paul and I live in Reading in the UK. This will be my third build, previously having built the HMS Endeavour Bark (not completed) and the King of the Mississippi, both by Artesania Latina. I enjoy being challenged which is why I’ve chosen to take on the Bounty as my next build. I appreciate that this is a complicated model to say the least. I’m not even sure my skills are up to it, especially when it comes to single planking the hull, but we shall see. To be quite honest, I don’t think I’d have taken this on without the help of some of the amazing builds on here as a reference point. Reading the build logs has given me a degree of confidence that help will be there when I come across problems. Special thanks to thomaslambo, Capt. Fisher, Captain Al, cobra1951 (I still can’t believe your Bounty got crushed!), bryanc, rcmdrvr and all the other Bounty builders on here whose amazing builds have been my inspiration to take this on. I’m looking forward to getting input and feedback from you all.



I actually started the build over Christmas and have been working on it for a few hours almost every weekend since, so I’ve already made some progress. I’ve been taking photos of every stage, but only now have I got round to starting this log. So I’ll be uploading some photos to bring things up to date.

So, here we go……


The kit contents:







Making a start, I separated and numbered the parts the parts for the main frame.






Then I stained all the parts with a Ronseal Walnut wood stain. It took 4 coats to get the colour I was after. 

A bit later in the build I'm going to veneer the exposed frames to hide the ply board appearance. 








Realising the importance of getting the frames absolutely level and parallel on this build, I did quite a bit of research into building slips.

I went for the Hobbyzone slip in the end and have found it to be a brilliant piece of kit. I'd highly recommend it to anyone considering using one.

So I set about leveling the frames and gluing them in place using Titebond.







Edited by Grendel
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With all frames in place, checked and double checked for squareness, I installed the lower deck support beams




I painted the lower decks black prior to planking them to give a nice contrast between the planks. 

I spaced the planks 0.5mm apart and simulated the nails with a soft pencil prior to varnishing with a satin varnish.




In hindsight I wish I had only nailed at the plank ends but it's not a big enough deal to warrant redoing the work.




Next I glued the lower decks in place. They fitted very easily with only a minor amount of filing and sanding needed.





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On now to the bilge pump room. Using the supplied 0.5 x 5mm strips I clamped each strip in my Proxxon vice and edged each plank with a soft pencil on both sides before gluing them in place. It adds some time to the planking but I think it's well worth the extra effort. I like the way it gives the planks definition. Once planked I applied 3 coats of satin varnish.





The assembled bilge pump room in place. As you can just see in the next photo, the walls protrude slightly over the height of the middle deck planks, so some sanding will be required to bring them level. 






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Like a lot of Bounty builders on here I've been studying the Armed Transport Bounty, Anatomy Of The Ship by John McKay, which clearly shows more cabins than the AL kit provides.




So the next stage is a little kit bashing ^_^. Basically creating some more cabins on both sides of the lower deck.


I need to process some more photos in Photoshop so I'll update again soon :) 

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So, after studying the drawings in the Anatomy book, and with a lot of help from the other Bounty build logs on here, I set about a little bashing.


Using cereal box cardboard I created the templates for the extra cabins. Once I was happy that they fitted perfectly in place I transferred the measurements to a sheet of ply board




Then I lined it with planking, again pencil edged, and created the doors and frames



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The next stage of the build is the middle deck. Again I painted the ply boards black prior to planking



I'm much happier with the simulated nailing on this deck. I think it's better with just nails at the plank ends.



Again, thanks to @thomaslambo for pointing out the importance of filing the deck support to allow for the two bilge pipes prior to fitting the deck in place. It would be a nightmare to do at the point it's mentioned in the instructions!






And the mid deck (both sections) glued in place




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So far I've been quite impressed with the quality of the components in this kit. Everything seems to fit together well, the laser cut pieces all seem accurate and, with a couple of exceptions, the supplied wood seems to be good quality. However, the gratings! Oh dear, what a mess. I could see as soon as I took some out of the packet that they were very poorly made. The spacing looked so irregular. Nevertheless I persevered and made the first set of gratings......and promptly threw them in the bin! :angry: Fortunately I remember seeing in @cobra1951's build log that he had found some better quality gratings from Caldercraft, so I ordered a few sets from them. What a difference!


I hardly need to point out in this photo that the top set are the supplied AL gratings, the bottom are Cladercraft.




The gratings in place in the middle deck





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Howdy Grendel,


Love the ship!  She is coming along beautifully.  I really liked the cabins that you installed.  Just noticed some things; would the planks on the bulkheads need nails as well?  Would the door have hinges and or nails in them?   Do the edges of the bulkheads on the amidships cabin where they mate together need trim strips?  They look kind of bare...I mean, if you can't see them anyway, I guess it doesn't matter.  Just trying to help


Don't get me wrong....she sure is a beauty and she has to be pretty big at that scale!

Ciao for now

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Hi Husky,


Thank you for taking the time to comment on my build.


I agree with the points you make and appreciate your input. I take your point about the missing nails on the bulkhead planks. For some reason I didn't consider it at the time, but now you've mentioned it I agree they'd look better if they were nailed. I'll see if it's possible to add them now the bulkheads are in place. 

You're quite correct, the doors would have had hinges. I'm happy to convince myself that they're on the insides of the doors ;)

Thanks again for your suggestions :)



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Very nice build Paul !

the kit provides best view into the ships belly and its stations...




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Great work Grendel.  I'm amazed at how smoothly things are going for you.  Unless of course you've not mentioned the tons of "adjustments" that were made.  I will assume that the precision in which you are planning and working things out in advance is responsible for this smooth going.  I wish i had paid more attention to things like frame leveling before I ran into the problems I did.  Anyway, I wanted to say congratulations; the hard part is done and the fun (planking and rigging) are ahead.  Take this with a grain of salt.  I just "finished" my build and will post some photos in my log soon.  I will explain the quote marks at that time.  LOL.

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Hi Captain Al,

It's great to hear from someone whose build log has been a major help to me so far. 

To be honest, I think the reason I've been reasonably trouble free so far is because guys like you and the other Bounty builders have been so good at pointing out the potential pitfalls and difficulties in the build and errors in the instructions. Don't get me wrong, I've made plenty of mistakes so far but nothing I haven't been able to rectify. I'm glad I discovered that Titebond can be released with a little water and a hair drier ;). Your post has made me realise that I should be posting my mistakes too!

I'm thrilled to hear that you've finished your build and am really looking forward to seeing the updates in your build log :)

If I'm honest, the planking fills me with trepidation so when I reach that stage I'd really appreciate any input you could give. 

All the best,


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I just posted my pix under Gallery.  Much easier than posting under a build log.  I never have learned how to caption a photo in the build log.  As for tips on planking, I'll be happy to help but it will be coming from a strict amateur.  For real technique see thomaslambo's work.  I'm not sure if he's posted pix of his planking work yet but it is exquisite and done the right way.

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Welcome Paul,


And please accept my apology for the late response.  I only saw your comment on my build log yesterday.


A bit of a long story, but I've been wrapped up in a major backyard project and haven't been working on the Bounty lately or paying close enough attention to my MSW notifications.


All I can say is you’re doing a great job so far and paying close attention to detail.  Kudos to you for doing your homework by reading all the build logs for this excellent model. 

Like you, I was inspired by others that came before me…Captain Al and Captain Fisher, the only two logs available at the time, and masterful work to say the least.  So I doubt I would have taken on this build without their help.


You mentioned having “trepidation” about the planking of this hull.  That would be a perfect word for what was on my mind as I approached the task.  So here I am 9 months later and I’m still only two thirds done with the planking.


For many reasons I won’t go into on this log, I’ve chosen a rather different approach on planking the hull.  I’m quite tardy on making a build log post, but I'm planning to do an update soon to explain the technique I'm using as well as the progress I’ve made.


Keep up the great work and I look forward to following your log…and thanks for your kind words on my build log :)  







Current Build - HMS Bounty - Artesania Latina - Scale1:48



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Hi Paul.

You are making a excellent progress with your build. It's nice to read what others have encountered and done makes it a much smother build.

Your build is very clean and tidy.

Will follow along on this one.


All the best.


Best advice ever given to me."If you don't know ..Just ask.

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Apologies for not replying sooner. I've been away for the weekend.


Thank you so much for your comments and input. It's much appreciated.


Captain Al, I've just been looking at your gallery photos. She looks stunning! You've done an amazing job. Are you planning to add the sails at any point or are you leaving her as is?


Boyd, your build log is one of the main inspirations that gave me confidence to take on this model so I'm thrilled that you're following my log. I'm sure I'll be pestering you with plenty of questions along the way! I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing the progress you've made since your last update, especially the planking.


Anthony, thanks you for your kind words and for following my build log. 

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  • 1 month later...

Progress has been a little slower since my last update. With spring upon us I've been doing a lot of work in the garden with not much time left at the weekends for The Bounty. However, things are still moving along. 


The middle deck cabin staircase




You can just see in the photo above that I've veneered the visible edge of the middle deck to hide the plywood appearance. I intend to do the same with the lower deck at some point.


Although there's no allowance for it in the kit, I felt that the top area of the staircase looked very empty so I added a hand rail. Initially I used a single string to simulate rope but thought it looked too thin, so I plaited 3 strings together which I think gives a more realistic effect.




I really don't like the AL way of lining the walls of the bulkheads for this next section of the build. They supply 15 x 0.5 mm stripwood which really doesn't look good at all in my opinion. So I decided to use the same 5 x 0.5 mm planking that I've used on the other bulkheads that I've built so far. It keeps everything consistent too.


Greenhouse rear bulkhead



With thanks to other Bounty builders who pointed out that if the middle cabin is built as the instructions, one of the doors would open so that when you walked through it you'd fall straight down the stairs and the other door would open straight into the bilge pipes! So I decided to make the doorways work a bit more logically, which involved a few modifications.


I added in a couple of pieces of ply wood to change a door to a window and moved the door to the opposite end of the bulkhead....







These are the three cabin bulkheads. Again, you can just see that I've veneered the visible edges to hide the exposed plywood.



And the assembled cabin








As you can see, the doors and windows are rearranged to make a more logical arrangement.




When installing the upper deck supports around the cabin I found that the fit on a couple of them is not perfect so I added a shim using an offcut from the laser cut sheet the supports come in.

I've placed these on the fully planked side so they'll be pretty much invisible when the planking is complete. Yes, I'm still dreading the planking! :(




That's it for now. My back can't take any more gardening for a while, so hopefully my progress will move along a bit more quickly now.


Thanks for looking in :) 


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  • 3 months later...

I decided to add in a few more cabins on the middle deck. 

After a lot of playing around with ideas and studying The Bounty book again, I settled on an idea I quite like.


This is my cardboard template for the assembly:




Again I copied the template onto 1.5mm ply wood and lined with 0.5mm x 5mm strips. I created the cabin doors with 1.5 x 3mm mahogany.




The assembled cabins in place







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  • 4 weeks later...

Beautiful work!!  Looking at the lower decks I wish mine were the same but I suppose that's the chance I took as a first time builder.  Good luck (I don't think you'll need it) and I look forward to following your great log.




Current Build - HMS Victory, Caldercraft - scale  1:64,  started September 2021

Cutty Sark, Constructo - scale 1:115, finished August 2021

HMS Bounty, Constructo - Scale 1:50 - First wooden kit build, finished April 2019

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  • 11 months later...

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