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A question about wet bending

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Wand?   Like a curling iron?  I use an old curling iron (and properly grateful to the Admiral) and heat both sides.  Start with the inside, hold the bend, hit the outside and then repeat as needed until the bend is proper and stays in shape.  Others may use a different method but like many things... this is what works for me and "your mileage may vary".

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Yes you can pin the wet board, holding it in shape with pins and then run the hot thing (whatever you use, hair curler, modified soldering iron, cloth iron, etc.) over it until the wood is dry. It most likely will retain some of the bend, but also will spring back some. At this point just use a good wood glue and glue it to where it belongs and pin it again just like before. Wait till the glue is dry and you shouldn't have any issues.






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Hey howya goin 1213brett mate, wand are a magician I like magic, I dont even wet my timber takes to long that way I use this see pic, just hold the timber on the soldering iron and slowly move it and it bends into shape if you bend it to far you just turn it over and heat the other side. Some people wet the timder pin it in place and leave it till it drys. and like mark here who uses curling iron to do hes hair and planks, I also use a hair dryer with a piece of wood clamp with spring clamps on the bench as for your question if you do the outside first you run the risk of it bending outward as one side dry faster then the other as for pining it frist idk haven't tryed it that way, just get a piece to practice with if you have a spare piece. :bird-vi:





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I have had good success in wetting planks for about 10 - 15 minutes and then temp fixing in place. Once dry, they retain their bent shape very well making glueing and fixing easy.


After much searching, I have found the  - I found the following tutorials very helpfull which shows the method (and he helped me solve my planking problem :D )





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