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Hello from Virginia!


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Hi everyone!


I'm new to this forum and actually, this is my forum I have ever joined! (Welcome to the 21st century right?) Haha!


I've built a few ships on my own, but never had any help nor knew anyone who had experience with ship building so I have been winging it!


After looking through this site, I found a TON of helpful advice and building guides that I'm excited to try out on my next build!  After reading some of the guides to planking a hull, I looked back on my models and noticed that I did not give enough attention to it and I could have done a LOT better.


I haven't been able to finish my current ship, the Albatros from Constructo, since my son was born.  Now that he's a little past 2 years old, I finally have some time to finish the sails and rigging.  Once this is finished, I will be starting the HMS Victory by Constructo and I WILL be using the guides and tips from this site to help with the build. Lastly, I would like to post a build log because I know I will need help and I will have questions!


I look forward to my next build and using the excellent advice from this site!



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I was stationed at St. E's and lived at exit 2 - Telegraph Hill for 2 years.  Traffic was fun in '70-'72

so it must be even for fun now.  Interesting when they opened the Wilson bridge at rush hour or

waiting for it next to Blue Plains in August with no AC.  Bart was just a hole near the Mall, so no

mass transit then.  What with all the water features, traffic in Hampton Roads is pretty interesting itself.

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