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Gunboat Philadelphia by Brucealanevans - Model Shipways FINISHED - 1/24

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Chuck: just in time for me to bow out of this topic ....

I think I'm done. Going to spend a couple of days just looking to make certain I'm happy with everything (everything that's modifiable at this point anyway) before she goes in the case and into the living room, and I officially mark this topic Finished. My wife has been gone for 3 weeks helping a daughter with a newborn halfway across the country so I've been working on this more than planned and finished "early".

I appreciate the followers and likes and hope this "something different" build was enjoyable to watch.

I'll take a break from the shipyard for a bit and work on some other things before beginning the Renaissance War Galley I just received from Daniel Dusek.

Here's a final set of pictures.










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Looks amazing Bruce! One problem.... Do you know that the knees attached to the mast partner don't correlate to the plans? If you look in the plans, the long side attaches to the mast partner and the short side attaches to the hull. The added details look great though!

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Thanks all. I'm painting a figure meant to represent General Arnold inspecting the ship. If it's acceptable I'll add it; if not I won't. Figure painting is not my forte. The uniform isn't quite right but I can live with that. 

Elijah: the knee doesn't matter to me, water under the bridge. I had already decided I'm not enough of a stickler to rip it out.  

This was a fun build. I like this scale. I had previously done Picket Boat 1 also designed by same designer.  

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The general is aboard for a final inspection, and declares this build log finished to his satisfaction. (I think he just came from a ball or some other occasion)

Thank you for your likes and comments.

The shipyard is cleaned up and awaiting next year's project.

Happy Holidays to all.

Final Inspection-1.jpg

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