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Hello, everybody. I'm somewhere between beginner and master model builder, as the home page says, though I've been away from the hobby for decades, so I'm probably closer to beginner. I  never lost my love of ships, though (I have a few ship pictures on my website at http://www.stevedunham.50megs.com/photos/Afloat_photos.html). I built a few models, both kits and from scratch. My first one, the Model Shipways Phantom, is in a display case in my apartment, and I noticed that a bit of rigging had come loose. I figured I could fix it in a minute but had some trouble, and I was intimidated by all the tiny bits of wood and wire and cord, as if they'd been done my somebody else. I was probably 23 when I built it, and now I'm 63. ("Cry me a harbor," you might be saying.:)) Anyway, I'll manage it, and I have the Harriet Lane kit that someone gave me as a gift long ago and that I barely started before having to put it aside, and once the Phantom is repaired and back in the case, I'll try to pick up where I left off. I look forward to learning from all the great material on this site, and I'll post again now and then if I have anything sensible to say. :)

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Welcome aboard Steve,


Feel free to look around and enjoy all the possibilities this forum has to offer you.

And  you're ready, feel free to start a buildlog.  This is a great place to learn and share tips and techniques.

If needed, you'll find plenty of advise, help and encouragement from everyone.


I wish you smooth sailing with our gallant crew.




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Well, it's been a month. Repairing the rigging, which I thought would take a few minutes, I cracked a block but managed to glue it back together with the cord going through it. Then I snapped a spar, and to fix that I had to drill out a mast cap, but all all my drill bits smaller than 3/16" had long since broken. However, I found a hardware store that sells single drill bits, and now I have a full set again. So here's a photo. The topmasts appear to have warped or bowed a bit over the years, but I'm not ready to take that on yet.


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