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RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat by kpnuts - Airfix - 1/72

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Hi all here's the next update, I've heard lots of people say this is a bad fitting kit but I have to say it seems spot on to me (so far anyway) just a trial fit of the top cabin nothing fixed yet I'm toying with the idea of making it removable to show the detailed interior.
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Hi all well I've added more waves (run out of sealant now) still not sure I have enough waves yet, will live with it for a while I can always add more, it will look more realistic when I've added the foam and spray but I can't add that till I've finished the model.
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Hi all well here is where it is now. I love the little lifeboat on the deck and have added the grab ropes to it, I drilled little holes in the side then inserted bits of telephone wire which I then draped the ropes over then glued them in place after which I cut the wire off.
After adding the inner parts at the rear of the cabin it would no longer fit on the deck properly after a lot of head scratching I found that the front edge of the added inner bits was fouling with the cabin wall (in hind sight I should have added that wall to the removable cabin) so I've had to shave a tiny bit of try it shave a bit more off and continue in that fashion till it finally fitted.
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Hi all soon be ready for the fine spray and completion I've added a thin coat of clear resin to the fore deck to show the wetness of it.
Got more of the safety railing on (I'm really enjoying this little kit everything has been a great fit and the detail is really great for such a cheap kit I hope someone brings out a PE set for this kit, it definitely deserves one.
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