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First of all, i'll try to put again all the ideas and photos i have, from the old site.

Sorry to hear that you lost everything.

Here is a new "tool" i made from an old Hard disk

It is a simple "disk sander". You have to use an old IDE hard disc and a power supply from old computers

You can add any type of sandpaper, and glue

I have prepared some discs with 100, 150, 180 and 220 type of sandpaper


The top picture is an example of the force of this disk sander

The bottom picture is how it is made, and a second Hard dirive (SATA) type prepared


Al the best to all




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If you want to use an ATX power supply you have to make a change in such a way that the power supply will start

1. connect pin 16 (Green in the schematic) to anyh ground (ex:15, 17, 18 ...)  - Version 2.0

or  pin 14 to 13, 15 ... on Vers 1.0

2. use a switch between these pins (16 - 17) to make an ON-OFF if you don't have a switch to the power supply,

because on some types the switch is on the computer board side


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Maaalo, this is the type of hard disc i had spare. I'm working to some new one and some adjustments

It will have one of them an enclousere. It is not heating to much, and for what i used, it did not make to much dust

I will come withe the new photos when i will finish the sander


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