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Hello, y'all!


I'm retired now and I figured model ship building would be a great hobby. After poking around some, I joined this community earlier this week and have been exploring the site's layout, content, and software features (as in, for example, "Oh crap! How do I delete that post?").


I look forward to learning a lot, developing new skills, and then having something to show for it! (versus, say, General Relativity: "Yippee! I finally understand his theory!!" "That's nice dear. Does this mean you'll be warping some space soon?"). And hopefully I'll be able to give something back to MSW that's worthwhile, too.



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... and here's another big welcome, from an old bloke in Wales who took up the hobby about five years ago and still loves it!

I think everyone here warps space from time to time (or do I mean we warp time from space to space?).   Keep looking in - you'll quickly get to know the ones who are expert at it.

D'you want to give us a name?  Or shall we just continue to call you wool132?


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Thanks for all the Hello's from around the world! I'm looking forward to a lot of fun and satisfaction but also understand that there will be some catastrophes (e.g., David Rice, 02-Aug) along the way. I've been browsing the forums while awaiting my order's arrival so although I have yet to create any sawdust, I've learned an awful lot from all the posts.



P.S. Rumor has it that my order has left Model Shipways and is currently in Opa Locka, FL. Won't be long now!

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