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Its about time I built that model


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Since the age of 16 I have all ways loved ship models, I used to go down to London to the Science Museum or to the Nation Maritime Museum and gaze at the model with longing to do one myself. But now at the age of 59 there is no excuse on this earth as to why I have not done so. So here we go.


I totally agree with all that say start small, single deck, 1 mast or 2 at push with a simple syle of stern or bow. but I will add that I think also what is needed is reading lots, watch online videos, learn the language used by shipwrights. There are books published by Conway Marine Press or Seawatch Books on ship models, building, techniques, specific models, scratch building etc.  Model shipwright a quarterly journal then annually (now seems finished) are high on the list. The NRG or MSW are a must for anybody thinking of starting, build logs or videos like K Kenny on vimeo.com inspire as to what can be done.


So many will ask why have I not done so. I have the books, watched the videos, well now we start.


The project is going to be Caldercrafts HMS Snake (yes i have just broken the 1 or 2 mast suggestion) I am not going to do the kit as out of the box but improvements like replacing the stem with a built up stem rather than the whole one piece stem. M Benten did Caldercrafts HMS Diana with improvements that increase the model so much. (there used to be an online version of his efforts but has sadly disappeared online though I do have all the website saved offline so i can see how he did it. contact me if anybody wants to see it)


Wood now is a problem, model shops here in the UK are closing as the younger generation play on computers (I do to) and the woods you used to buy are less and less. English box rare though logs can be found, (just bought 4, dried for over 6 years) Lime (that’s not Basswood) Pear, Apple, Holly are all the best woods to use in my opinion and therefore shall be used in my hopefully improvements with a few others.


Not sure if to fully paint the model or use different woods as some modellers do with perfection.


A log will be created so you can all see how good or bad a job i doo.

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