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G'Day From Australia

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G'Day every one

Im Greg from Darwin in Australia. I'm new to forums, but I've been a modelshipwright for about 30 years. you could say, being a shipwright is in my blood. My Great x8 Grandfather. He was the youngest master shipwright at age 24 and he worked for Lyme shipyards England, and after one year, as a shipwright (1785) they won a commission to build a sloop, the Belmont. In all he is recorded as having built 40 register ships, totalling 1897 tons, He became Half owner of LYMES and eventually he sold the now, the Cobb shipyard to Samuel Bussell around 1809. That's is a brief family HISTORY of which, I am very proud of.

I'm currently working on a !:32 scale version of the Royal Caroline. It has taken me about 6 months to date, and still working on the drawings to rescale the draft, that i received from THE Swedish Maritime Museum where the original plans can be obtained.

The model will have the starboard cut away showing the main and the Rear King's Cabins with the crews deck showing as well. This Model will be Fully Rigged and the Chain Plates areas are a difficult problem where I am working on now, because on the starboard side this is where I am going to cut away.

I'm hoping to start my build in about 3 months, as there are plenty of work to be done on the computer. I'm working on PHOTOSHOP, as I am a retried Graphic Artist and I know this programme completely.

thnks for reading


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Welcome greg I'm snowy also in darwin 

I started on the amati adventure as a beginner kit a year and a half ago it took me 9 months .now I'm building the occre diana 1/85 scale.

Good luck with your new model hope to hear from you soon cheers.20180502_123554_HDR.thumb.jpg.622a563bd2165807d8ee31e010fd137d.jpg7


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