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Hi all - its great, to say the least, to find this welcoming and so easy to use site.  My wife and I are mature sailors, canoers, kayakers, and even windsurfing in my younger days.  We are recently retired and now snowbirding between Florida - Pine Island, near Ft Myers - and Rockland Maine where my wife is from.


I own a Compac 23 sloop in Florida (photo below) that gets lots of compliments - my favorite saying being "Life is too short to own an ugly boat" and am enjoying mostly day sails on her.


I put together a starter model WAY back when - it is very similar to the Flattie boat by Corel which I saw in the very helpful introductory New modelers forum. One deck, one mast, simple rigging.    I remember enjoying that and it not taking too much time.  This probably will only be worked on in Maine for 6 months at a time where I have plenty of room - very little room in Florida for anything like this.


It is a dream come true to read the advice to those new or with very little experience.   I am thinking of starting with something like Flattie or maybe a little more difficult one. And also buying the combo? which comes with tools etc.  It must be fun to communicate with others working on the same boat too! 



I find its the sails that turn me on so that will be one criteria.   While there is certainly a huge amount of research I can do just with information I have read here about kit selection, of course any suggestions are welcome.

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Hi. The model you describe may have been one produced by Midwest Products, who sadly are no longer making boat kits. But there are still plenty of them circulating around on eBay, and they are very good kits for the money, so snap one up if you find it suits your fancy. If you do go with a Midwest kit, I suggest holding off on the tools until you have a look at their very thorough instructions, which will include a list of all the necessary tools. You may already own many of them.


Welcome aboard!

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Hi folks and thanks for the welcomes!   My minister made cards out of that photo which a friend took from another boat.   And yes my first name is Kip - nickname.  And when we cant scramble around a sailboat anymore we hope to maybe get a nice seaworthy row boat.   Rockland harbor here in Maine is wonderful - as there is a huge protected area inside the seawall and then on a nice day you can go out in the ocean.

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I wont be emailing so much down the road, but just wanted to say how helpful it was to watch the video of whats in the kit for the Bounty's Jolly Boat.   I was wondering if it was enough challenge for a starter boat and YESSSS it is.....which I wasnt sure of until seeing that.   Still in early stages of a search.....

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I am getting notifications in my email of replies to my topic and it lets me click right to them - but the latest reply from the writer Tim Page in Australia I dont see in this string??


Also it appears one cannot reply to one individual reply in a string, correct?     


I am getting delayed by house improvements and grandchildren in my start in selecting a kit.    But like that great quote that the wood is patient, so am I.


And I know its good that the reason this hobby may wait awhile - I like the quote that the wood is patient - its a good thing that its because I am still busy doing active things.   Need to get out bass fishing soon.

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