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Bounty by Hellmuht Schrader - Artesania Latina - from Medellin

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Here we go.....


I started one year ago.  It is just my third kit, after Tramontana from AL and SJ Nepomuceno also from AL.


I'll share all my pictures, where some of my "tricks".  I'll be more than glad to answer your questions as well your advices.



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Looking great so far !

Is the top deck weathered the same way as the lower decks? Looks alot darker, but maybe its just the picture. Looks great though.


Whats the name of the tool that says "patent pending" that you are using for bending the wire?


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These are the last ones....... This is the status we have so far...... for next pictures we will need to wait a little bit.....😊




All these photos I have uploaded are one year work......still so much to go.  My next project will be..........



Will be my first model from scratch!!!





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Brilliant build, looking great.


Still impressed with the weathering look you've achieved.


Are you fitting sails? After my last build i was thinking of building my Bounty "admiralty" style with just stubs of masts, but yours looks pretty nice with just the rigging. May do it that way instead. I think the sails on my last build hid too much of the work, and didnt look that great anyway. Certainly not by the time i was finishing sewing them :)

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You've certainly picked it up very well !


Yeah, you mentioned in your first posts using Vallejo Ochre, graphite and a rubber.Do you go over it with the rubber to rub some graphite into it, then give the full thing a coat of vallejo Ochre? Varnish or anything afterwards?


Might give it a try myself if you dont mind a copycat !


Rolled sails could be a nice compromise.

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of course not.  I don't mind.  Just be careful.  the ochre paint shoul be just a wash.


  1. use some graphite powder on the wood deck
  2. expand the graphite with a cloth
  3. Use a rubber to take as much you can the graphite
  4. Take a look about the joints.  They should show off with the graphite.  Also the clear basswood should bring its curves/veins aswell
  5. put some Vallejo Ochre diluted in water (very diluted) with a cloth on the wood. 
  6. Wait for drying.
  7. You can simulate the nails with a pyrograph.

You need to try it before please.




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