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  1. Hello folks! 👋...it’s been a while since I’ve show you all where I’m at. I’ve been going slowly but steadily and here’s where things are. All the shrouds are finally done! I’m fairly happy with the results... i wasn’t happy with the bobstays and shrouds at the bow. So I re-did them with some thicker rope. And I’m happier with the result...it’s hard to get a picture that shows them up 😕 in this last pic if you can spot the looped rope that goes around the fore mast it’s the start of my first stay 😁and here’s my first crack at a weaved mouse...pretty enjoyable to make except for the shaping of the little wood piece that the weaving goes over. In short it was fiddly agony to shape 😡. Oh well only 9 more to go!!! Would love any constructive critiques people 😊
  2. Starting to really come together now Dave...and she’s spectacular...will look really good in a nice case somewhere in the house. You mightn’t be game to consider but have you decided whether you will do another boat once this beauty is finished?
  3. Very nice Fernando! Thanks for showing me and others...a real labor of love there 😊...much work to go, but you will feel rightly proud to have been a part of that after she is all finished!
  4. Thanks Fernando 😁 I’m glad you like the timbers. And the blocks...I’m glad I went through and got them. Unfortunately I was there on a Saturday and it supposedly most goes out on Sunday...oh well I have it as a goal to be on a square rigger with the sheets spread one day! Wow id love to see pics of this restoration Fernando! What hard yet satisfying work that would be 😊
  5. Hello mates! Again over due for an update! The last few weeks having hectic and events have run away...in the time since my last post I went down to Sydney and visited the Endeavor replica and the James Craig...thoroughly enjoyed myself. And then went on an ocean cruise to the pacific islands. Again...had another nautically themed great time 😁...the admiral apparently enjoyed the cruise more though. This is how she looks from afar... So, up has gone the main and mizzenmast. Then attached the shrouds then attached the the catharpins as a bit more detail...a pretty simple story really. But I time consuming one also... other than that all I can say else that I’ve done is blacken some nails on the deadeye chains and attach blocks, blocks...and more, you guessed it...blocks! Can also see in this above photo the results of my serving machine! And if you spot the difference from my last lot of photos...the Bounty launch is gone. I thought it was a tad ugly. Needed some touch up and maybe a second launch also. Anyway...orderd some 🚣 from modelers central...will see how I go! Next onto onto some various other blocks. And then some futtock shrouds...can’t wait to get stuck into them! Hopefully I’ll post photos of them soon! 😁 Looking forward to any constructive criticism or comments!
  6. So...update on where things are at. After many hours of research and experimenting with techniques things are now starting to move along. Hopefully from this point on I’ll be able to keep the updates coming a bit thicker and faster. Firstly I got to use my new serving machine on the bowsprit shrouds... and also fit a bobstay. I replaced all the tiller rigging with the syren blocks that I’ve received... they come up much nicer... old blocks... new blocks... new blocks installed Next fit the foremast...in order to get the correct degree slant on the mast I thought a jig would be the most practical and straight forward way to go. This simple jig is just a rubber band and a carefully carved piece of timber. Next started rigging the shrouds. I went and did the apparently authentic throat seizing...unfortunately once the lanyards were attached you can hardly tell Next did the catharpins...a very painstaking job...but I’m fairly happy with how it came out...The top is a bit of a mess at the moment... Mamoli blocks are just holding the place up there until my appropriate sized syren blocks get here 😁...looking forward to making it a bit neater. And a nice lil persons eye view of the deck! ...so much to do...hopefully will have another update shortly...
  7. I like what you’ve done with the decking Hellmuht...nice weathering effect. Looking forward to seeing more pics 😁
  8. That sounds like a nightmare Ulises! I’m glad the damage isn’t catastrophic and you’ve decided to fix it. Looking forward to seeing pictures... It stinks going back over old work. But like fnick said it’ll be a good laugh when she’s finished 😁 Vin
  9. Exquisite rigging Dave....you’ve set the bench mark for the aspiring rigger. No compromise for quality mate👌
  10. Thanks a million pat! Well described....That certainly makes me feel better about proceeding... And yes! I have been occasionally looking at some Endeavor builds for reference...I have noticed many similarities in the rigging...I’ll have a closer look at some Endeavor builds also and hopefully find some good pictures of what is going on with main top mast and main top mast preventer stay...
  11. Hi guys. I seek someone’s expertise again... I am at the point in my build where I am trying to get in early and attach all future standing and running rigging blocks before I make the job harder when shrouds and stays are in the way... This is the best illustration in my instructions that I can find that will illustrate the proble I am having. It is the fore mast. My particular query is in regards to block 288 on the instructions.after many hour of research and going through books and build logs I tentatively say “I think I have figured out” that block 288 runs down to the port side of the fore mast, attaches to another block and then continues directly downwards and the belays to the deck at the base of the mast (on the port side) The instructions are vague/nonexistent on confirmation. So my question is, if all my assumptions are correct then does the rope head directly down and directly behind the main mast here (in the white circle) in which case I’ll have to do some serious modifications to the top. Or does the line simply pass down to the port side? (blue arrow) all the pictures I’ve seen of the main mast stay block have it pointing directly aft. So if it does pass to the port side I imagine there would be some rubbing and chafing...I don’t know. If anyone could help me id appreciate it...I have the book “anatomy of the Bounty” but it’s illustrations of rigging are so small scale I can see what’s going on. If I haven’t explained myself and my question properly please let me know so I can better explain it...
  12. Hey Fernando...I will be catching up on your Santa Lucia progress soon😁 Yes I cant wait for my syren blocks to get here to try some out! As regards the rope coils I’m glad u like them 😊...basically i just turned some low tack tape upside down (sticky side up) used some tweezers to coil them onto the tape into a shape I was happy with. Once I was happy I got a little bit of wood glue and put some over all the coiled rope. Once it dries it just needs to be peeled off with tweezers and all done! If u have any more questions let me know...I can send you some pics of the tape I use if you like too 😬
  13. So got an update guys...although I really feel like I should have more done by the amount of time it’s been. The last few weeks however have been mostly research and gathering together a couple of tools and techniques to try and improve the quality of my model. I’ve ordered a serving machine and am looking forward to incorporating that into my build. I’ve also ordered some blocks from Syren model ships. From the pictures I’ve seen they look second to none. I’m hoping to be able to do my Bounty with them. But because of stock issues I’ve only been able to order 1, 2 and 3 hole 4 mm blocks and I need many other varieties. So I’m hoping I can find enough patience and tasks for my keen hands until I can get ahold of some more, because I don’t want to do half of the Mamoli blocks and half syren blocks...it will be one or the other...I’ll decide soon. so firstly I rigged up the canons and fit them. (My bad photo habits mean that most of the photos are out of chronological order 😩) then i started construction on the masts and bowsprit. I stained the dowls walnut. At this stage they are only dry fitted. I want to make it easier for lashing shrouds and blocks ect. I’ll glue them at the last possible moment... as stated I purchased a serving machine. I’m looking forward to using it when I start the shrouds. However I’m trying to stay patient to wait for blocks to get here so I don’t block off access to the deck and make it a nightmare to get blocks onto the deck. Anyway I couldn’t help myself and I had to give it a try. I’m very happy with the results. I used quilting thread to serve this fawn colored rope to see how well it came out.and then finally today I scratched together all my painting materials and put some color on the figurehead for my ship 😁 Hopefully I next time I post I’ll have some syren blocks on my deck and shrouds running everywhere! ...well from the mast to the channel...hopefully 😬
  14. I’m glad to hear it’s worked well ...I discovered on another build log these “serving machines” and I’ve ordered one from domanoff workshop a few days ago. I can’t wait till it gets here!
  15. She’s a real beauty hellmhut. I love how weathered your deck looks! It appears that you have served the part of the shroud that goes around the mast...if you have may I ask what your method was?
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