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Proxxon KS230 advice

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Hi all


I am toying with the idea of potentially getting a table saw maybe...😃. I am trying to cut a 5mm by 2mm strip into 5mm squares, for the handrails on my Le Mirage. Cutting them by hand is taking a long time! I'm quite happy to sand them down correct size if measurements are slightly out.


I know it's not the best saw in the world but since it's going to be my first one I want to start at the lower end of the scale to see how I get on. At around £100-£120 pounds its reasonable. Plus having something small that I can use then put away fairly quickly is a plus due to not having a massive workspace.


So the question I have is essentially: Is it good enough as a starting saw or should I look at something else?





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I bought a used one for $50 to upgrade from a miter box and hobby saw. 

I cut 5mm thick bass wood strips with it but don't rush it.

For a new one, 100 to 120 pounds is about right.

But it has limitations.    

It dose what it was designed to do.

I like it. Of course it won't do what a $400 saw can do.  


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Have fun with your new saw Nick!

I found my KS very useful for cutting strips and long straight sides in panels. For accurate sizing of parts though I use the disc sander or multiple passes with a sharp knife. I think you ll find this little saw useful and personally I did not find it underpowered, considering it is intended fro small jobs.


I sanded flat the end of the screw that tightens the fence, it comes out from factory slightly oblique and ruins the alignment of the fence. Took less than a second, used the disc sander, look into this.

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Regarding saw discs. Both the tungsten tip one and the steel wood disc are very good. Could not really tell a huge difference for the dimensions I cut. The metal cutting HSS I found completely useless. I could not cut 1 mm brass, it was even dangerous. Maybe it's me though.


Another thing, I ve read that the bearings on the saw are not shielded and gather dust easily. I ve attached the admiral's decommissioned vacuum cleaner and it sucks all the dust away, the dust extraction port is excellent. Highly recommended set up.


As Brian and Bill say, it can send pieces flying so wear glasses and count your fingers. I am ashamed to say though I took the guard immediately off...

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Hi all


At first impressions I'm very pleased with this saw. The cut is clean with only a very small amount of fluff for lack of a better word on the edge of the cut. Nothing that cant be cleaned up with a swipe of a file. This is not a criticism just an observation. I'm not sure how accurate you can get the cut width with just the fence ruler so I made a initial cut, measured it with digital calipers and adjusted the fence as necessary. The saw is small and easily portable. I've screwed it to a bit of wood that I can clamp to my workbench so setup and removal is quick.


I've only done small cuts with this so should not been seen as a proper review! :) for example I've not done a long cut to see if the fence is truly parallel to the blade.


But all in all so far so good.



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