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Coming up short on eyebolts and don't want to buy a bagfull

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I am a few eyebolts short for my Phantom Pilot boat. For those that built the Phantom using the model shipways kit I ask what is the gauge of those eyebolts. The parts list just reads small eyebolts. What might I substitute? I was thinking staples. Any other thoughts. 

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Why buying something that can be made for next to nothing ? If you don't have needle-nose pliers, or if they are too big, just put a nail with a diameter a tad smaller than the internal diameter of the eye needed into a piece of wood. Wind soft brass or copper wire around and cut off the excess. Adjust with a normal pair of pliers - you will never run out of eye-bolts again, if you have a reasonable stock of wire (which a shipmodeller usually has).



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Also keep in mind that you can get more eye bolts for free from model expo if you just contact them for replacement parts.  They will send the same ones you received in your kit to you and they will not charge you for them.  That is one great thing that Model Expo does, their warrantee is fantastic.




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