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I am encouraging everyone to do a build thread of their BlueJacket projects on www.modelshipworld.com .

So, to "put my money where my mouth is," here's a deal for you:

If you do a build thread of any current BlueJacket kit, when you are finished, I will give you a 10% discount on the next BlueJacket kit you get from us. This offer will be good through at least the end of 2020 and maybe I'll extend it even further.
Yes, this offer applies to the several build threads already in progress.

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List of build threads in progress. If you have one I missed, please let me know


K Hauptfuehrer - Constitution

JFinan - Constitution

Rtibbs - Kearsarge

CPS_Skybolt - Kearsarge

Sjanicki - Virginia - DONE

ahb26 - Bowdsoin

rcboatbill - Muscungus

gsdpic - America

RStrick - Smuggler

Pete Jaquith - Seguin

Schooner - Jeremiah O'Brien (modified)

andygp5 - Sam Roberts (modified)

BlackGSD - Yankee Hero

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Good evening Sir


i am just doing a facebook link of your range of kits, as part of my new MSW role, is this offer is ongoing?


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