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New member from the cornfields of Illinois


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Hello to all,


My name is Steve Remmert and I am located in Peoria Illinois.  I am so grateful to have found your site and have already benefited greatly from my brief time on board.  I found that my experience in model ship building is not unique.  I actually found that I have a very similar story to one member (robnbill).  Much like his story, I acquired a Mamoli USS Constitution back in 1999.  I was able to get the bulkheads assembled and then it sat untouched as life and other things got in the way.  However, about a month ago, I set the intention to complete this model.  In reviewing the state of the model it appears to have weathered being in the attic for several years pretty well, however, somewhere along the line I lost the first sheet of instructions, and most important the parts list.  I have been able to find a pdf on-line with the line drawings of the first sheet of instructions, however the parts list with the key and measurements of the parts and stock I have not been able to come across.   So along with saying hello, and trying to figure out the process of setting up a build log, I am also putting for the query of where I might find a copy of the parts list.  Thanks for this valuable site and would appreciate your thoughts about where I might find the old parts list.  Thanks


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To Jeff, Mark and Bob... Thanks for the welcome.  Yes, Daniel Dusek was very prompt and helpful in getting me a copy of the missing instruction sheets (Thanks Daniel !!)   Special Hello to Bob... Macomb hey?  We're almost neighbors. :)  I love the "forgottonia" reference.  Yes, we are so far out in the "boonies" they have to pump sunshine out to us.  Well, I am off to continue learning how to navigate around this site and continue planking on the ship.  Hope to get the build log going...as soon as I figure out how to get that going.

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