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Medway Longboat (1742) by John Maguire

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have had my kit for a week during which time I have primarily been looking at what the rest of you have been doing to gain from your experiences and ideas. My comments about quick delivery, arriving in perfect condition and impression of high quality are the same as previously stated collectively by the group. 


I fabricated the suggested spacers for installing the thinner pieces on top of the keel, stem and stern. I prefer the appearance of the scarfed keel and am building that way. It was impressive to see the notched piece fit snugly on top of the keel without need for any length adjustment. 


I am using wipe on poly prior to releasing components. One coat is barely discernible, two as on the keel might be just about right.


I have seen one instance of waiting to attach the transom until the frames and keel are on the building board - I am inclined to follow that path myself.


Here is my beginning .  .  .


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Additional tasking at the Cougar Mountain Shipyard .  .  .


The bulkheads fit the building board with finished furniture tolerance. Eventual disassembly is going to be "fun". On a one by one basis I hold them to natural light looking for the lack of light seepage to be sure the bulkhead is flush with the building board.



When looking at the bottom of the building board most of the bulkheads are long by the thickness of a piece of paper or two .  .  .



I have a half inch thick slab of glass that I use as a "flat" surface with a piece of 220 to work off the bottom of each bulkhead, one at a time, in the actual location where it will eventually be placed.



And with happy hour approaching the two piece bulkheads were laid out with their respective floors, ready for glue.




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Looks good....but I hope you dont mix those up!!!   One slight shift and you will have a hard time figuring out which is which.

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I overlooked Chuck's plain warning to be sure to remove laser burn from the ends of the floors. I  glued without reading that section of the instructions at the time I was working and forgot that I had read it on earlier studies. As Chuck says, if you don't do it, it creates a bit of a challenge later .  .  .


Fortunately, a tiny diamond stud file got me out of trouble in an hour. I have the keel attached to the rear section of frames and am ready to glue the forward end but have paused to RTFM again.

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