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Hello from Sweden


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Hi everyone. As a new member of Model Ship World I would like to present myself. My name is Henrik and I live in the city of Norrköping in Sweden. Norrköping is an industrial city and used to be called Manchester of Sweden because of its extensive textile industry. I am interested in different kinds of modelling not just model ships. I do all kinds of plastic modelling and I build on a model rail road in HO as well. I am a little bit sceptic joining fora on internet because of the tone and atmosphere which not always is that nice but MSW seems to be populated by just friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging people. My building experience is not massive but I have done a couple of Billings and a Corel. The Corel build gave me taste for a big building project so this week I have started building HMS Agamemnon (Caldercraft). She is massive and the learning curve is steep! I have started taking pictures and taking notes of what I have done so far. Maybe it can turn into a build log?


Kind regards



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Hello Henrik,


Welcome to MSW.   If you look in the Kits section, there are 14 Agamemnon logs.  Not all are finished though.  But they will be a help to you with your model.  We have an index in the Kit area of all the build logs.  I'm attaching a copy so you can find the Agamemnon logs.    I and others recommend that you open a log as it's the best way to get help when you need it, make some friends, and it will also help other builders.



Wooden Ships.pdf

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