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Animated video of useful model rigging knots

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I came across this interesting video today. It shows the many knots useful in tying fishing rigs. Many were familiar to me and I expect would be to others, but it occurred to me that many of them are also useful for tying model rigging as well. The knots are designed for using slippery plastic fishing line, but can be tied with any sort of thread or line. Many of the knots yield a "served" appearance with the fall wraped around the standing part. Particularly in smaller scales, some of these knots will appear as a respectable representation of a served eye splice. I thought they might be of interest to some.



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For those not on Facebook... there's this site:  https://www.animatedknots.com/

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3 hours ago, mtaylor said:

For those not on Facebook... there's this site:  https://www.animatedknots.com/

Thanks! I edited my post to include the URL you provided. I spent way too much time trying to find the non-Facebook URL, with no success.

For those not on Facebook... don't bother! :D  It's a huge waste of time, unless you want to be kept apprised of what some kid you went to grammar school with cooked for dinner last night. (It's also somewhat useful for occasionally looking up old girlfriends and feeling a whole lot better about "the one that got away" that you ever imagined! :D )

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