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Sirius Model at the Powerhouse Museum

Jim Lad

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As the Sirius is now available in kit form and is being built (or planned) by some of our members, I thought these photos may be of interest.


The Ingleton model of the Sirius is in storage at the Powerhouse Museum's storage faciliy at Castle Hill (Sydney).  I was able to visit the storage area this morning and take a few photos.  Some of the photos aren't great as the light was pretty poor and no flash was permitted, but I thought they may be helpful for anyone building or researching the Sirius.


First, some photos of the hull and deck.












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Thanks for the pics John.


Anyone who would like to see more of Sirius in very high resolution click on this Link : HMS Sirius - Powerhouse Museum


BTW John - was that model once in the foyer at Old Sydney Town? I remember seeing a couple of excellent (rather large) models there which initially sparked my interest in wooden ship modelling :) . I don't remember which ships they were.


:cheers:  Danny

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Thank you John - I have no idea what the two ships in the foyer were, just thought it may have been Ingleton's models of Sirius and Supply "on loan".


Demonborger - have a look at this link - there may be hope for a revival of Old Sydney Town yet. I hope so - I'll be one of the first visitors if it goes ahead :) .


:cheers:  Danny

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There is another large model of the Sirius on display in a case in the foyer of the Commonwealth Dept. Health & Ageing 'Sirius Building' in Woden (suburb of Canberra).

I'll have to remember to get some photos next time I'm over there.


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