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1955 competition winner


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This model of the M.V. Wyhuna was built by my non paternal grandfather in 1955.

Its a beautifully crafted scratch built model and hard to believe its 65 years old. 

It was built to enter a competition run by the Argus newspaper, which was a daily newspaper in Melbourne, Australia. Established in 1846 and closed in 1957. It was the general Australian newspaper of record for this period. 

Im told he won three competitions, this model is at the family home, another went to a sister and a third went to be displayed at a modelling club. 

The Wyhuna is a former Port Phillip pilot cutter and Australian Maritime college training vessel. Built by Ferguson Shipbuilders of Port Glasgow, Scotland. 

Its main task was to lead ships through Port Phillip heads renowned for being a very dangerous stretch of water which claimed many ships and lives. 

In recent years it was apparently saved through donations and returned to Melbourne, but I can't find a lot more about where it is today.

I grew up with this ship always sitting on a mantle piece and never really took a lot of notice of it. But now at 53 I've taken to modelling wooden ships, I've no doubt that now I have some time this was actually my inspiration.










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Two good news stories.


Is that 'tin' still intact after all that kikin' :)





If at first you do not suceed, try, and then try again!
Current build: HMCSS Victoria (Scratch)

Next build: HMAS Vampire (3D printed resin, scratch 1:350)

Built:          Battle Station (Scratch) and HM Bark Endeavour 1768 (kit 1:64)

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  On 12/1/2019 at 10:06 AM, Kikatinalong said:

In recent years it was apparently saved through donations and returned to Melbourne, but I can't find a lot more about where it is today.


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Thank you Steven, that solves the little mystery. I'm hoping to visit Tasmania next year so I may get to see the ship. 

The company Mineralogy that had it for a while is or was owned by Clive Palmer. I read the other day he intended to restore the ship when they finished with it, just like he intended to replicate the Titanic. He's another flog politician who is full of crapolla. 

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Hi Peter, I'm helping a friend write an article about the Wyuna models in 1955 Argus competition and found this, nice model. And we were wondering where these models are today. And I did see a photo of these models in the Argus on the internet but now I can't find it.    And I am also a member of WPOA, Westernport Oberon Assoc, in Crib Point, Vic. who currently own the Wyuna,  https://www.maritimecentre.com.au/

and yes we were hoping to bring her back to Victoria as a Museum ship and a conference centre, but we are unable to find a berth for her while our main project goes ahead. And now 2021 even less chance as the Govt has let the piers and jetty's fall apart, so it looks like she may have to stay in Tassie, she is in the Tamar river near Beauty Point. We have done 2 trips to Tassie and stayed on board to help restore her.  My partner and I also build models and we have our own Wyuna which we sail here in Patterson Lakes, plus we have one in our Museum. So I'm hoping that you can help me locate those models, and please check out our Facebook page too https://www.facebook.com/victorianmaritimecentre

Hope to hear from you soo, Regards Rosey






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