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SMS Koenig by Tim Curtis - ICM - 1:700 - with Flyhawk deck and PE - PLASTIC

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I was not going to do a build log for this kit. But having started it a couple of days ago, I am so impressed by it that I thought I would do a basic log.

Plastic parts are made by ICM models (a Ukrainian company). Flyhawk has then added 5 PE frets, lots of additional tiny turned brass details, and some Uschi rigging thread. All for under AUD$100  ($68 US).


Below are some detailed photos of the box and what's in it. 

I took these after having started the model so there are a few parts of the rear deck and hull that I have painted and glued together. 





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I have started the hull and rear deck area.

Dry fits together well.

What I REALLY like is the laser etched wooden deck.

It is stunningly thin. It took me a while to realise it actually has some backing paper that you peel off and then just stick the thing done.

It's pretty fragile and you need to be careful about getting positioning just right, and also don't get your tweezers stuck to the back.

But in about 5 mins you have this microscopically detailed Ultra thin deck planking in place. I reckon it's about 0.1 to 0.2mm thick. 

Result is very pleasing. See below.

What you need to remember is this is 1:700 scale. The whole hull is about 25cm or 10" long. 



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Here is a very belated update.

I have been quietly plodding along with this...while converting my garage into a studio office.

Not much to say. The photos speak for themselves I think.

Just dry fit at the moment.

I am no master at working at this scale, but I thoroughly enjoy its minutiae.






















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Nearly finished on this one.

Just a little bit of rigging thread left to add. And a some flags.

And a few extra details...

I find working at 1/700 scale very very difficult. Particularly anything involving paint.

But if you put the model in a nice box...it seems to look ok!

Will post some better quality photos when the model is finished. 



















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In case anyone is wondering, the water is some gesso texture paint (to create the larger wave patterns) on an mdf board . 

Then I create the smaller wave patterns (rippling) with PVA glue pushed around with a brush. 

Then spray on a coat of gloss varnish. 

Finally tiny bit of gesso again to create foam (and fill in the small gap around the ship), but used very sparingly. 




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