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Greetings from Germany!

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I greet you, my dear fellow modellers! 




After a long time of just spying unregistered, I decided to join your ranks. Another reason is that I started a Golden Yacht a few weeks ago and want to share my progress 😅 so there will be a scratch-build log following in the next days. 




A few details to my background:


I'm 30 and started scale kit building during my early teens. I also tried out some wooden ships (Constructo Bluenose and Bounty beginner kits, a 1:72 tug boat by Revell and an a bit more advanced Constructo Santa Maria). I was completely inexperienced and did not receive much help from my father. So the results were not satisfying and nothing more came of it. 


During the last winter, I started playing the online PC-game Naval Action and stumbled by sheer luck over some beautiful ships like the french frigate Renommee or the american topsail-schooner Prince de Neufchatel. I fell a bit in love, I must confess, and the wish began to grow to call them my own in one way or the other. While searching the internet, I found the plans for both in 1:50ish and many more.


As I realized, that they were way beyond my league, I decided to build some smaller ships for practice. So the Golden Yacht in 1/100th scale was started and the follow-up project will be a spanish 22-gun-frigate. At the same time, I'm building some 1/35th scale tanks for a diorama. 




I'm looking forward to some nice and fruitful conversations

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