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Bluenose by figuerres - Model Shipways

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some pictures to show some of where I am at now. Some details and overall how it's looking.

also the detail picture on the foremast, I made the rings and hinge out of flat brass and a bit of brass wire as close as I could to the plans.   for the smaller rings I used black construction paper in place of metal.  but the larger rings are blackened brass.










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G'day there, Zaabe here.

Like the build of the Bluenose.

Have one question. Can you tell me the rake angle for the two masts and is it measured from the decks or from a horizontal line eg, waterline. If this is so is the ship mounted such that the keel is parallel to the horizontal or is it set up such that the keel has a slope as it does when mounted. Hope this makes sense.



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thank you all for the comments, sorry I just saw them so I will reply now.


I got the bug to start the  hull on the Fair American so I have this on hold till I get the bug to finish it :-)


the masts are not fixed right now, they are in the holes and free to move a bit, the final placement is very much a 90 degree angle I think.


I hope to get more finished on this one before too long.   

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I have a question about this ship. I am new on here and This is my first build, and im doing the model shipwasys bluenose. Now, after the stern blocks go on the instructions tell you to put on the quater frames and to carve a peice for the tumble home to a fake stanchion. I can see this on the plans as well, but there are no specifics. What do i use to carve it? What are the dimensions? it just doesnt tell you anything. I know about the practicum by bob hunt, but i have hard time wanting to dish out that much money for a practicum.



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One thing I look back on at this point is that *IF* a kit was made that was just a little larger scale then there is a lot of detail that could be done on this ship.

I did some soldering of some of the metal rings that mount the upper mast and the eyes and I made the rings and hinge for the one spar/boom that the plans show but at the size of the MS kit they are darn hard to do.


after I get some other stuff done possibly in say another 2 years at the speed things have been going (I hope not as slow this next year)

I could be tempted to get a fresh kit and work out a re-sizing of it to  a new scale....  kind of a scratch build based on the plans from MS I guess.


AT 1:64   it's a fair size I wonder how big it would be at 1:48 ??   like not double -- 33% larger ?

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A quick note:   I was in an apartment when I started building the ships, that did not give me much room for tools and parts and such.

then last year I started a new job across town so I was also driving for over an hour and a half every day plus 8 hours work.


now I have a town house with a garage and I am getting my tools and such setup where I will have a lot more room to work and I now live 5 minutes form work.


so now I am getting all the tools back to where I can find them and found my sheets of plans and bins of the blocks and rigging.


I hope that by the end of January bluenose will be finished and I can get to my other kits!

well really I hope faster than that but we shall see how it goes.

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In another post you mentioned blocks and deadeyes from Syren. Did you opt to get them, or are you satisfied with those that came with the kit? Myself, I'm sort of a basher, but I like to make improvements that please me and don't cost too much. Blocks and deadeyes from Syren seem to be a reasonable cost. What are your thoughts about that?



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Lakers, I used the kit block. If I was going to do this today I would use the siren blocks, but I had started this a while back and wanted to just finish what I had. I have learned a lot in this build and made several small errors in it that are part of the process of learning.

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