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HMS Beagle by mobbsie - OcCre - Scale 1/60

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Hi Guys, here goes, my first build log for what seems like a decades.  Unfortunately I had already started the kit before coming home to M.S.W.

The hull is almost completed with a bit more planking to be done, that is so different to what i'm used to, the first planking is really thick, I suppose because there's a lot of sanding to be done, the second planking is so different, it's almost like paper its that thin, so that was my first shock, my second was that all Blocks, Dead eyes are all made of plastic, they are all one size as well 4 mm so all will need replacing. The ropes are quite poor quality and so again all will need replacing, so a rope walk is on the menu ans also a rope server. With regard to the white metal parts again all  will require a lot of working on or replacing, on a plus note the stand is nice.

I went quiet on the Forum for a week or so because I was attempting to build a rope walk and server, I did end making them but they are of such a poor quality that I cant use them, while testing them I had to make so many running repairs it turned out to be a complete waste of time and money, one good thing is that I learned to duck quickly in order to miss the flying plates, not doing that again.

So I will show a few photos so you can see my progress so far.

Any and all comments good or bad are more than welcome.











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Aha! The elusive build log has appeared at last. 😉😁 


Well done mate - despite the many challenges that this kit seems to have thrown at you already, I know that this will become another “Mobbsie Special” and will look spectacular when finished.


Great to see you up and running again my friend.

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Welcome to the HMS Beagle builders club Mobbsie!


Having just completed this kit I will be following your build with interest.


If you're ordering replacement wood deadeyes note there are actually two sizes of them in the kit - the smaller ones are used for the mizzenmast and topmast shrouds.


I did find the supplied thread has some 'tufting' on it - particularly noticeable when backlit. I'm no expert but I suspect better quality thread would probably resolve this. Other than that the thread seemed adequate.


I was curious why you left the center deck planks off?


Have fun with the build!

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Hi Guys, The center plank was left out because it is the center plank, otherwise known as the master plank, it is slightly wider and all deck calculations come from the plank. Most ships will have it built in, or so i'm led to believe. I'm open for correction if i'm wrong.


I have an up date to the log which I hope hope most will find interesting if not entertaining. I dont like the stern on this ship and as I was working on it I had it between my knees, (these are my third clamp). I must have put too much pressure on the ship because it disappeared from between my legs and hit the floor with a resounding thump, after having cooled down and let the air change color back something like normal I picked her up only to find the the Fore Peak had snapped off. The only way I was going to repair it was by cutting more of the peak away and cutting a new one, Iv'e never done this before but it's only because of the experience and advice over a long period that I took it on, no need to worry, it all came out well, the new Fore Peak looks ok.

The ship is coming together well and I'm making good progress on her, the hull is complete with all the chains plates on, looks ok.

Enough written word, it's picture time, dont forget I'm open to all comments good or bad, if you have a bad one the give me a suggestion as well.





beagle 2.jpg

beagle 6.jpg

beagle 7.jpg

beagle 8.jpg

beagle 9.jpg

beagle 10.jpg

beagle 10.jpg

beagle 11.jpg

beagle 12.jpg

beagle 13.jpg

beagle 14.jpg

beagle 15.jpg

Edited by mobbsie
Not finished my log entry
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Hi Grant, RobP1025 and Techtonic,  


Thanks for looking in guys and for your comments, with regard to the center plank and I know it's slightly lower than the others it was my intention to wait and put the plank in when the hatches and stairways are fitted. I do have a plank long enough and a little wider than whats there and I could put it in now,  this is what becomes of leaving a hobby for so long, my own fault, so whats the consensus of opinion, place it in now or wait for the deck furniture to go in, I dont mind either way, let me know please. It is a little higher than the rest of the decking, about 1 mm, I could shamfer the edges to bring it in line or leave it proud.

Just checked out your Beagle Techtonic and it's looking very busy, it's a lovely build to well done so-far, seeing your deck configuration has made my mind up, I'm going to shamfer the edges and put it in.

We'll see what happens in the future.

Be Good and Stay Safe



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Hey Mobbsie,


Good save on the fore peak!


You definitely want to fit the king plank before the fittings as it runs under many of them. If it's 1mm too high you're going to have to do some extra work on the fittings to file out a matching recess.


You seem to have spaced out the chain plates/deadeyes in a strange way - particularly the ones for the main mast. The spacing on the port and starboard sides look different. On the starboard side, for the five shrouds that form the ratlines you have a huge gap between the fore two shrouds and the aft three shrouds. That will make the ratlines look pretty odd.


One other thing - the chain plates should really slope in line with the shroud/backstay that is attached to it like this:


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Hi Techtonic,

Thanks for looking in and the comments and remarks, I checked out the center chain plate and you were right, port and starboard plates were too far apart. I have now moved the chain plate on the starboard side so the gap is somewhat reduced, also the deadeyes were at the wrong end of the plate, with not a lot huffing and puffing they were repositioned so the whole thing is now closer together. I think (not sure) but I think I was thinking of what you said about the chains fowling the line of the gun ports so after all that, it turns out to be your fault (not really).


With regard to the angle of the plates I'm afraid they are going to stay as they are, there's a bit too much of a risk of doing some real damage and I dont want that, I think its a case of most people wont notice and there are no ship builders in my area.


King Plank has been fitted and I made a couple of puddings for the mast bases, sure to get a comment about them.


I'm just building a cooker to fit under the fore deck, it's not going to be an elaborate job but it should look the part.


Thanks again for the comments, they are appreciated.


Stay safe



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Hi Sjors, The kits are ok in that most parts fit reasonably well, my beef with OcCre are the instructions or should I say the lack of them. There is so much guesswork involved with them I almost feel like a detective. Were getting there though, I must post a pictorial update soon but I'll bring you up to date.


All the deck furniture is on and I have an issue here, it appears that the cabins are out of scale to my anyway, the Bowspit is made up and fitted with just a few bits to go on, you know the sticky out bits that get broken to easily, they wont go on until ready for rigging. 

The fore mast and main mast are almost complete, they've been stepped but not completely fixed, still a fair ways to go and I have the added problem of having to fix the sails, should be fun.


So there we have it in a nut shell mate just a whistle stop info tour to bring you up to date.


Stay Safe



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On 7/8/2021 at 1:47 PM, mobbsie said:

I have an issue here, it appears that the cabins are out of scale to my anyway

Are you referring to the three small 'house' like deck fittings? If so, these aren't cabins but rather skylights and stair access hatches. You can see this on the cross section diagram here https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/4728-hms-beagle-with-plans/. You can also get a good view of them here https://www.cloudtour.tv/beagle/panorama_/0_3.

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Hi Guys, Thanks for the comments and remarks, always useful. Techtonic, I can see I'm going to have to be on my game if I want to make half a good job of her, I do build for myself so tend to run wild sometimes so every now and again I need to be reigned in.


The masts are not fitted permanently yet, I still have to stain then and fit them out, it's my intention to run with full sails, the material has been dyed cut and the sails made, just waiting for the boss to run them up on the sewing machine, not something she enjoys, but we have to crack the whip now and again dont we.


Next step for me is to step the masts and fix them in place, and then were coming to the part I hate, Ratlines, I get in a right old pickle doing them but its a must do job and can be made to help the ship look good.


Right, I hope you enjoy the pics, it's actually happened Grant.


Usual finish gents, comments and remarks always welcome, even suggestions.











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On 7/13/2021 at 8:59 AM, Sjors said:

I know Mobbsie that OcCre has e few things that is not ok.

That’s why i change to Caldecraft again.

I’m spoiled with the Aggy.

But you make a fine job out of it.

You don’t reed your PM’s????.??

I send you 3 messages……..




Hey I want pms too I'll read them lol

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hi Mobbsie........I am so happy to have stumbled onto your log!  I see your back at it in your usual style.......she is an awesome looking model!  is that how they show to stow the cannons?......I like how it looks.....it's a whole new take on their position on deck ;)   very nice and very ornate.......the masting looks great as well.  pleased to follow along mate! 


Popeye emoticones_dibujos_popeye-el-marino1_en.PlanetaEmoticon_com.gif.7df5d4a13eaf5d6d153e2ed459e2fad4.gif

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