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Lowell Grand Banks Dory by Eric S. - FINISHED - Model Shipways - 1:24

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Hi – I’m Eric and this is my first post to the site.  I’m primarily a plastic modeler – boats, cars, armor, airplanes – but have long had an interest in wooden boats/ships.  I fell prey to buying a couple of kits that were way beyond my abilities before deciding on a kit that was more appropriate and bought the Dory.

I meant to create a thread while building the model but only took pictures and did not post any updates.  I got so much help from the completed builds, however, that I felt that I wanted to share some of the pictures of my Dory build.

iphone20220104 087.JPG


iphone20220104 084.JPG

iphone20220104 086.JPG

iphone20220104 087.JPG

iphone20220104 088.JPG

iphone20220104 080.JPG

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Replying to Lessard from above, I found this project after a couple of missteps.  I tried building a couple of kits, the 18th century longboat and the Phantom NY pilot boat, and they were beyond my skills.  I ended up throwing them out :(.  But I was still interested in building a wooden model and I noticed the Grand Banks Dory and the progression of kits in a Model Shipways advertisement and decided to give it another try.  Really happy I did so and am now on to the Norwegian Sailing Pram.  The Dory is a very nice intro kit.

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