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Name the Ship Game

RMS Olympic

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The fun of those old postcards is that they are all the same, only the direction the smoke plume is going differs :)

Always a crowd on the Quay, as the ships were mostly going to the east (hence the white colour , and the sun-tent on the rear deck).

The most renowned of the cruisers was Gelderland, taking Kruger to Europe after the Boer-war. Getting a second life as German anti-aircraft ship in WWII (under the name of Niobe).

The other five were less famous, and were shorter lived.



Here's the next. Not too difficult, I think :)







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On 25/01/2015 at 2:41 PM, qwerty2008 said:

I don't really feel up to hunting down a ship for you guys to guess right now so I hand this one over to whoever wants it.







This thread appears to be dormant..??


I was wondering if perhaps while waiting for someone to take up "querty2008" offer, I could tap into some of the maritime knowledge of the NRG membership, to help identify the vessel pictured below. I have an inkling of the identity, but am hoping to hear some more informed observations.


I found the picture while searching through some archives of my "Home-Port" of Newcastle NSW Australia.


The photo had no included information and was simply titled "unknown"....I renamed it Cutty..??? (highly doubtful).


Any assistance appreciated.


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Most definitely not Cutty Sark. She never crossed 6 yards on the fore, only the main. Until 1885 when she was cut down. Hull is wrong for Cutty as well. Quarterdeck is off. That ship crosses upper and lower t'gallants and Cutty Sark only ever crossed single T'gallants. Double topsail's though as shown in the image. Dead thread.... resuscitating it? 

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No, those look like square sails (seen side on) on both fore and main masts (with a furled topsail on the main), which would make it a brig. I'd expect there to be a gaff sail on the main, but I can't see one (or even the spars) on the drawing. Unless the sail isn't set and that somewhat curved angled line near the top of the main course is the gaff, and the sail is loose footed, so doesn't have a boom?




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