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Review: Worx WX106L cordless Rotary tool

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I was on line with idle hands not really needing anything, but wanting everything I didn't need and came across the Worx WX106L 8v rotary tool. It was offered for $29.00 with free shipping, I had to do a double take. Usually cordless rotary tools run close to $100.00, especially Dremel. I currently own several Worx tools and really like them: 20V weed eater, blower, 20v nail gun (just finished building a fence around my back yard with it, awsome tool) and a power share Makerx rotary tool using the 20v batteries, it's not truely a cordless rotary tool like the WX106L. Needless to say I bought one of the WX106L rotary tools and did the old walk of shame thing since I already owner 3 or 4 rotary tools not quite sure how many at the moment, but I;m sure my wife will point it out to me sooner or later.     

Now I owned several of the old Dremel 7.2v nicd/nimh cordless rotary tools and loved them, especially the fact that they had a removeable battery for charging and coulod be replaced when the battery got to weak. But they no longer make that model.


The WX106L has a built in lithium battery and came with half a charge, which is normal. It came in a nice plastic storage box, with several different bits, sanding drums, wire wheel and a USB cable for charging the rotary tool. You either plug it in to a computer or use a wall plug adapter, which I did. This tool has quite a bit of power over the old 7.2 Dremel and is about the same weight. I will put it through it's paces in a few days and report back as to how it performs.   


I probably should mention here that the Worx WX106L comes with a 3 year warranty, for a cordless rotary tool, that's pretty darn good. And from what I know of Worx, they stand behind their products. 


Update: I have put about 90 minutes of use on the Worx WX106L from using the cut off wheel, mini saw blade, sanding drum, grinding wheel and found that there is plenty of power to do most any job that a corded rotary tool can do. It's still on the initial charge! I have to find something I don't like about the tool, so not to really nit pick here, I don't care for the on and off button, which is flush mounted to the body of the rotary tool, which means when using the tool, you have to actually look for the on or off button, taking your eyes off of the work area each time. On all my Dremels and even the Sears rotary tools, the on off button was raised making it easier to find by feel.


Good points: I love the front mounted lights which helps these old eyes. I really like the soft start of the machine, unlike the hard starts of a Dremel. I also like the holding capacity of the lithium battery. 


PS: I thought I would add in here that the USB charging cable may be proprietary and made specifically for the Worx Rotary tool. I have several old cell phone chargers and USB cables and none have the extra wide end.  


Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase and for $29.00, it makes it one of the if not the best purchase of the year for me so far. 






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Thanks Mark, I'll edit the original post with any updates., So far, I'm liking it. It seems to do what I need it to do and that says a lot for me since I'm a big Dremel fan, although I have used some different rotary tools in the past like a Sears and a Black and Decker. The Sears was OK, I really liked the Black and Decker and would still be using one, but they are hard to find since they stopped making the one I used to use.    

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Hi Paul, the original chuck that comes with the Worx rotary tool is the same style that comes with Dremels where you use a wrench to loosen or tighten the collet. In the picture with the showing the lights on the rotary tool is a dremel chuck that came off my old Dremel tool that I purchased years ago, but it works on thew Worx as does all Dremel attachments. I like the chuck that I can twist with my fingers without having to use a chuck wrench, it makes it a lot easier and faster to change bits.  




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