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Suggestions for an admiralty style model please


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As many of you know, I have the Syren sitting in a box ready to be started. But after finishing the rigging from my SFII,  i am thinking I would like to try an admiralty style model next and forgo the rigging challenge. What kit would you suggest? I would prefer one with some decent instructions...at this point, I am not even concerned on what type of ship it is, other than another kit that will challenge me again.

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Robbyn -


You could, should you be so inclined, build nearly any sailing ship kit as an Admiralty Style - if you intend to leave parts of the hull open and show framing, you would need to make some adjustments to the kit (see the Confederacy model as an example), As you finish the hull, reduce the rigging - either just stub masts or similar - so that the eye of the viewer is drawn to the lines and details of the hull rather than the rigging.


The Confederacy is specifically designed as an Admiralty Style kit, but is not the only one out there if you wanted to buy another kit rather than adapt one of your current ones. 


You might consider some of the kits offered by Dave at The Lumberyard - I think most of these are designed as admiralty style kits.  http://www.dlumberyard.com/shipkits.html

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Hi Robbyn,


Having built the Confederacy I wholeheartedly agree with Augie. She’s big, challenging yet fun to work

on and you don’t get better instruction than Chuck’s. Also should you get the desire the plans are great

and you can scratch some of the parts but beware it can start a pull to the dark side! ;) 

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Andy, I did look at the lumber yard offerings, but I hesitate, because they seem beyond my current knowledge; whereas the Confederacy is a true kit with step by step instructions, which is more within my comfort zone.

Although my intention is to move to the dark side in a build or so, I am not confident enough in my own understanding of the process to build a ship from a set of plans (albeit with the laser cut parts and wood) alone.


The SF has been a great learning tool, for getting experience with many of the needed skills to build...it still leaves the builder (with a curious mind) with more questions that are not addressed in the model.


Perhaps I can do as Wayne and JPett suggest, convert the Syren; however, I wonder if in some way that is sacrilegious to the intent of the build. I know, my build, my choice....but I bought the Syren because I wanted to do a build that would make Chuck proud (strange desire considering I have never met the man and he is only a name on the screen).


I think the Confederacy is the way to go because it will provide all those instructions I still believe I need.


Now to decide if I can really afford to buy her, and let the Syren kit just sit here....


Thanks to everyone for their input, it has given me much to ruminate on.

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Actually, Chuck's completed Confederacy would be more appropriately be labelled a Georgian style model. Admiralty, or Navy Board style, usually refers to a model left in frame. If this is something you'd like to try I'd suggest starting with a cross-section model such as Echo, Triton. or bomb vessel cross-sectionAll three projects include excellent instructions for framing a contemporary ship model and will provide excellent practice for modelling a complete vessel in this manner. I believe the Hobby Mill provides framing sets for all three projects.

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Why not try the Duke William 

A very different type of kit you use a plaster mold ( provided with the Kit ) to bend the frames over it with aid of a soldering iron You can plank the deck and hull with as much planking as you desire I used the LSS CD to help with the build 

The Kit was very well put together BUT the Rigging drawing is wrong as they have vertical scale off so just lay the yards on the plan and rig accordingly 

A great build my following build was  Fair American by LSS a great Admiralty style kit unfortunatly unavailable now  

Have fun 


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